Friday, October 17, 2014

Jumping Out of My Skin This Fee-Fi(ber)-F.O. Friday

Well, the initial shrink wrap packaging has finally come off my year-long fiber/design/artistic odyssey:

I have (willing!) sacrificed all other self-publishing projects for this - my first full-fledged, soft-cover, come-hell-or-high-water printed book. Me. Alone. Solo. Seulement. To say I am beyond excited and proud and scared and excited and oh, did I say excited yet? would be an understatement. Amazingly enough, I still have designs in the publishing pipeline (that is, published by others) for this year. To say this has been my busiest publishing year to date would be an understatement.

I'll be unveiling/revealing all via the publication's own blog here between now and the end of the year. 

I'll be adding social media linkies to the blog as they become available/relevant. Please follow the blog, spread the word, pin things, do whatever you feel comfortable with, social media-wise, to spread the word. 

Hang onto your seats, people, it's going to be a grand and (hopefully) glorious ride to the end of the year.

Now please head on over to Andrea's place at Wisdom Begins in Wonder to see what other fiber projects are riding high this week.