Monday, December 28, 2015

Fait à la Main: Day 3

Hi Ho crafty crochet lovers - here we are at day three of the design introductions from my latest collection.

Today it is all warm color: I present the Caramel & Chocolate Cowl. I must admit, this cowl's colors really remind me of dark chocolate and caramel ice cream topping, and thus the cowl's name. Don't be surprised that it's also super warm, thanks to the bulky weight Lion Brand Lion's Pride Woolspun I used to work it up. It's very soft, surprisingly springy, and will definitely keep you cozy, worn either doubled around the neck or down with a shawl pin. 

The shawl pin I used here was actually a surprise gift I received from a designer in New Zealand. It was such a thoughtful gift, and little did she know when she sent it that it was the perfect color for this collection, which was well into production once I received it. I am so thrilled to be able to show it off, so thanks so much Gabriella!

We shot this the day after Thanksgiving (believe it or not!), and the sun was just doing wonderful things to the trees and leaf colors - it was almost like I perfectly planned it. Thanks so much, Mother Nature - and thanks also to my very photogenic model, who had a good time with this piece. 

This piece is available to view and purchase in my Ravelry design store, either individually now or as part of the entire collection a little later this week once all of the pieces have been introduced. If you haven't yet seen it, you can check out the collection's look book, which previews all of the designs.

I'll see everyone tomorrow!

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