Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Rain Forest Inspired

It's another quick Wardrobe Wednesday post this week. 

It's also no secret I love green and blue, and this week I've found a great way to incorporate my Olympic National Forest-inspired Gradient Flower Cowl into an easy outfit. I've paired it with a simple navy tee and a green suede skirt (just like the burgundy one I used in this outfit back in October). Oddly enough, the colors in the cowl really pop on this navy background. I actually had tried it with a much lighter top, and it just didn't look as natural. Paired with a well-loved pair of heels, and this outfit is ready for prime time. 

I love how the blue tee highlights
 the blue in the buttons.
Alright, now back to our regularly scheduled gift making - I'm almost done gift #2. 

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