Monday, April 25, 2011

On Some Things Food and British

My humble sugar bowl is full
at the moment, but ...
 Ok. Food and Brits haven't traditionally been found in the same sentence. Yet, I find I am thinking a lot about both lately.

Initially, the food stuff. Food prices in the U.S. do seem to be going up at about the same rate as gasoline prices recently - which means they are through the roof. There was a time not so long ago, in this here land, when you could buy butter and eggs relatively inexpensively. But now, even when on special, butter for instance, is $3.00 a pound. When did that happen? And why? Forget home economics - someone is making a killing on commodities, and it certainly ain't the average Joe and Jane.

So, I'm going to explore just how far my measly bucks will go in May by partaking in Mumma Troll's Challenge 35 -  for one week, feed yourself on the equivalent of a British pound per day (which, according to today's conversion rate, is $1.64). You can read the complete rules at the link I provided above.

This, apparently, is a very timely idea, because there's a worldwide effort to raise awareness of extreme poverty through this very same food challenge hosted by this organization. However, I'm going to stick with the good Mumma Troll (international solidarity and all), and blog about my food experiences for seven days commencing Monday, May 8th. If any of you out there want to join me in Mumma Troll's Challenge 35, definitely let me (and Mumma Troll!) know.

From my 2009 Great American
Bake Sale. All the mini quick-bread
tins sold.

I should say that I care rather passionately about poverty and food issues generally ... and I've committed to hosting my Second Somewhat Annual Great American Bake Sale on Sunday, May 15th, which is about all the food commitments I'd care to make in a week. I'll provide more information on my Great American Bake Sale a little later. I do think it will be a great way to cap my own personal May food-focused awareness week. 

Of course, all of this leads me to having Britian on the brain. Can we get out of the way of all things British? I have been thoroughly enjoying the new Masterpiece Theater's Upstairs Downstairs episodes. How many of you are planning on watching the Royal Wedding live in the wee hours this Friday? Having a slumber party to boot? And, not to leave out my fiber passion, check out this custom dyed laceweight yumminess Fyberspates whipped up in honor of the nuptial events:

The packaging was rather wedding-like.
They only dyed 1,000 skeins of this royal-blue-with-sparkles amazement. I don't know if there's any of it left, but it's gorgeous and I know exactly what I'm going to make with it. Starting on Friday during that little wedding ceremony happening across the pond. With some early morning nibbles and tea that I spent way too much money on at the grocery store.


  1. What an interesting challenge. I don't our household can do that considering my husband eats for 2-3 people. I be rootin' for ya.

  2. I agree with Kepanie. What an interesting challenge! Good luck, Denise!

  3. Good luck with the food challenge. We try to buy local to save money on food and we have a garden, which also helps. I love the Royal Wedding yarn! Can't wait to see what you make with it. I have been thinking about making a tea cozy while I'm up early watching THE wedding. :)

  4. Good luck with the challenge. I'm sure it's perfectly do-able, but it requires thought and planning - frankly, people like me really ought to put a lot more thought and planning into their food :-(
    (love your wool, btw)

  5. That's a beautiful royal blue. To me British food means milk tea (ok, that's a drink), little tea sandwiches, egg tarts and of course, fish and chips, but that's much too heavy for our early morning wedding watchers.