Sunday, April 3, 2011

This Week? Knitting and Crochet Time?!!! (2KCBWDAY7)

I have barely gotten any crafting done this week – I’ve been writing up a storm, and reading everyone else’s writing storms! No complaints, since I do love to blog. However, I’ll look forward to getting back to more crafty time.

I can’t say I really have a set crafting time, but it’s usually dictated by whether or not I want (or need) to get something completed. Of course, I enjoy crafting in the evening, especially if I'm watching mindless, guilty-indulgence television. If I do craft in front of the television, it’s a safe bet that George Bailey, the devil wonder kitty, will be around. He’s good about not getting into the yarn, but bad about always wanting to be in my lap.

Crafting on the Paris metro, anyone?

I absolutely will craft on public transportation. I take a lot of it (am committed to public transportation, actually), so trains and planes provide a great time to get some hard-core crafting completed. Travel schedule delays are always another great time to craft – and the crafting has the added benefit of calming what might be an otherwise tense situation. I always have reading and crafting material with me whenever I travel. 

I have also used my time on public transportation to strike up conversations with those who I think might be wearing hand crafted articles. It's always turned into a good conversation.

Oddly enough, I have had students craft in class, and it has done wonders for their respective concentration. While texting and other activities can detract from one’s ability to focus, knitting and crocheting can have the completely opposite effect. Go figure.
I want to thank Eskimimi for putting together this second annual Knitting and Blogging Week. What a whirlwind! I also want to thank every reader that stopped by my blog, and especially those who took the time to provide comments. I have attempted to get to your blogs, too, but know I’ll still be reading long into next week. Please let me know any final thoughts to cap this awesome crafty blog week, and may I see you around these parts again. Happy crafting and happy blogging.


  1. Lovely cat. My cat always wanted to sit on me when I was knitting. It was a bit annoying at times, but now he's gone, I'd give anything to have him bugging me again!

  2. My history teacher lets me knit in class. XD What a cute cat. You live in Paris? Too cool I might be spending next spring in tours as a study abroad student XD

  3. I love the idea of crafting on public transport, makes me want to catch a train right now and spend a happy couple of hours doing nothing other than knitting and watching the world go by at high speed.

    Your cat is beautiful - I love his name :)

  4. What a week it's been! I haven't blogged daily in over a year. I truly enjoyed reading new blogs and having new people leave comments, you now are in my Reader feed.

    I have a cat that looks exactly like yours-Kitters is his name and he too, avoids all yarn (unless it a long dangling string, then it's fair game). Unlike any other cat I have owned, he is NOT a lap cat. He' affectionate, but no laps and don't pick me up! He sleeps with me every night though, patiently waiting at the end of the stairs. I never have to worry about him jumping on my lap, so I guess that makes his the perfect cat for a yarn lover!

  5. I WISH I had public transportation more available. I would definitely crochet while riding.

    LOVE your cat (that photo of him is perfection in a pic) and hanging out here at your blog just makes me happy. :) SO thankful for the blog week, even if I didn't survive it because I made some great new bloggy friends like you.

  6. Speaking as a student, knitting in class certainly does help my concentration.

    Also, cute kitty!

  7. Sweet cat, mine insists on playing with the opposite end that's wiggling around and then trying to do it while curled up in my lap =/

    This has definitely been a fun week, I'm amazed at how many participated and how nice it has been to connect with others. Thanks so much for the kind words you've left <3