Friday, May 13, 2011

A Break From Food Blogging – Cause It’s Fee-Fi(ber)-F.O. Friday

I’m writing this with the hope that Blogger comes out of read-only mode long enough to let me update – it’s been a busy week here at chez Voie de Vie.

Initially, I completed my Rainy Day Lace, and I’m thrilled with how it turned out, minor hiccups and all:

The lace blocked out so well, and the Bernat Roving is really soft. I continue to be pleasantly surprised with this yarn. The hiccup? It blocked out far wider than I anticipated. I could have easily gotten away with making the smallest size, and potentially adding another round of lace. However, things are what they are: I positioned my buttons many inches from the edge of the shawl, and then sewed a hidden button on the inside to help keep the overlap in place. It worked out well (and it’s extra warm in the front as a result), but it’s something I’ll definitely keep in mind if I use this yarn again.

Of some note: don’t you just love the buttons on this?!!!! They were extras from some item of clothing that got chucked into my ever-growing button stash (the buttons, not the clothing), and they were perfect for this shawl. They really give it almost an art-deco feel.

Additionally, last week I received some lovely fiber in a swap package from April’s Veni,Vidi, Vixi swap (my group on Ravelry where we read novels and swap fiber).

The one on the left is Cherry Tree Hill; the right is from The Loopy Ewe. I love both, although the darker hank is not something I would necessarily have been initially drawn to. However, I have a shawl project in mind that, coupled with two other colorways, will look superb. At least I think they will.

Finally, in connection with my week-long food blogging extravaganza (really more of a food-awareness week) I’ll be hosting a Great American Bake Sale tomorrow. If you’ve never heard of it, this is one of the four prongs Share Our Strength uses to raise funds in their fight to end U.S. childhood hunger. This is the second local bake sale I’ll host, and I won’t be alone – this is the Great American Bake Sale’s designated national bake sale weekend. So, all across the country, bake sales are occurring this weekend (although if one wanted to host a bake sale after this weekend, it would certainly be fine, and many more are scheduled on later dates). You can find a bake sale in your area by searching in the lower right-hand corner of the Great American Bake Sale page (you'll see the US map). If so, please consider going out and supporting this amazingly worthwhile cause. If not, and you’d like to donate, I have an online presence for my bake sale, and you can definitely make a neat, nifty and secure donation online to help my bake sale total. In addition to my own bake sale items, I’ll have hourly live auction items, all of which have been generously donated. I’m looking forward to a fun time … and keeping everything crossed for good weather. Soggy baked goods are no fun, people!

I’ll be back on Sunday for a final food blog entry to wrap up this bloggy food week. I want to thank everyone that’s read and commented – who thought that feeding oneself on $1.64 a day would generate such interest?

Finally, definitely check out Andrea's blog (but give her time to update - you know the Blogger bogey-man got us all) – I’m pretty certain she’s not writing about no stinkin’ food, but you’ll be able to see what everyone else is up to on this Fiber Arts Friday.


  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE the caplet! I did the same thing with my orange one a few months back and blocked it too wide hence the adorable buttons that no one would ever know the "mistake" unless I told them.

    Your swap yarns are beautiful!

    Happy Fiber Arts Friday!

  2. The capelet looks great, and I love the buttons! Good luck with the bake sale :)

  3. Beautiful! I love the lace & the way it manages to look warm and yet graceful at the same time. You're right, the buttons are the perfect touch.

  4. the capelet is very nice-I like the colors of the other skeins

  5. The capelet is simply fabulous! Love how it came out and those buttons are awesome.
    I like that lighter hank of yarn a lot. Kudos to you on hosting a bakesale for that cause. Hope you get wiped out.

  6. Your lace project is beautiful. It's a great neutral color that you could wear with just about anything. The buttons are super fun! Cherry Tree Hill sock yarn is one of my favorites. Best wishes on your coming project. Happy Fiber Arts Friday!

  7. Denise--Finding the perfect button makes me happy, too. Yours are wonderful...and the fact that they're re-purposed makes them even more special. What a great idea about the bakesale!
    Hope it goes well! XXO-

  8. I save my buttons too.

    I love the caplet. The color, the pattern. It's quite special.

  9. I do indeed love the buttons on it. I love knitted pieces that utilize real buttons in a way that you can modify the sizing--and it sounds like it came in handy for you!