Friday, May 6, 2011

No Beanstalk Climbing This Fee-Fi(ber)-F.O. Friday

Well, another Friday rolls around ... and it finds me in the middle of several projects, but none finished. The latest one that is taking up most of my crafting time is Cecily Glowik MacDonald's Wavy Lace Capelet:

This pattern is on my 2011 bucket list, so I'm pretty excited to be working it up. I'm making it together with a Ravelry friend as a mini-KAL (we're both newbie knit lacers); she's making it in the same Blue Moon Fiber Arts Icelandic as the original, and I chose gray Bernat Roving. While I might have wanted a higher wool content in the roving, it is neverless quite soft and nice to work with. That photo was taken a few weeks ago - I'm actually more than half-way done with the project. It will definitely make next Friday's fiber update in its completed state.

As I've written about in previous Fridays, I have a yarn still life in my living room. I've taken periodic update photos, since it changes with the current state of my stash. I actually thought it might be interesting to see the updates together. I think it's more a statement of color than anything else:

This latest update photo was taken last week, after my complete furniture rearrangement. Look at all the light spring colors (as well as that awesome Royal Wedding blue bling in the front).

I hope you're enjoying playing with your fiber! Happy Fiber Arts Friday, and definitely check back with Andrea's blog to see who's fiber-arting this week.


  1. ooooh, I love caplets! Great job finding a friend to start the lace knitting with. I have to admit, it scares me. I think because I actually have to pay attention to my work. Can't wait to see the progress.

    Loving the yarn arrangements too. Who needs to buy knick knacks for decoration around the house when you have your stash?

  2. I wanted to comment on your new Ravatar and to inquire about it but now it's all clear! :) Love your still lifes!

  3. You have the most wonderful photos -- they really capture the essence of the beauty and variety of fibers there are out there!

  4. What a great thick yarn for that capelet! I love using worsted for lace patterns. It must be fun to knit along w/a friend. What a great idea for you both.
    The yarn you have is so yummy! I want to touch each one.

  5. I just bought some roving yarn from Loops and Threads. How is it to work with??

  6. Hi, sorry for taking forever to respond to your question about the Spa yarn- answer, It's ok. It was very cheap, but for several reasons, I doubt I would use it again.

    I love your yarn still life(s) It so enjoyable to see it sitting there so pretty, isn't it?

  7. Your still life photos are great and the shawl pattern look lovely.

    Happy Fiber Arts Friday!

  8. The yarn still life is fun. Every once in awhile there's something bright adding a little spark to things, isn't there? I am knitting a shawl for someone else and it's the first time I've bought any yarn in the orange category. All my blue, purple, and teal yarn must be shocked.

  9. I like how your pile morphed. The bright blue is lovely and it looks great with the yellow in the top photo.