Monday, May 23, 2011

On Why I Gave Away The Landscapes Store

A gratuitous sunny day
photo. Sigh.

As I wrote about last week, I am participating in a yarn stash swap, and while I discussed the fiber I received, I did not elaborate on what I had sent to a fellow swappee – because she had not received it yet. Now that the package is in her hands, I can provide details.

As The Knitting Way blogged, I indeed sent her three skeins of yarn. Lion Brand Landscapes yarn, to be specific. I had originally purchased these three skeins as part of a scarf kit. Somehow I thought I was getting one yarn color, but when I opened the package it was something completely different. I like green and red generally, but the shades of green and red in these particular Landscapes skeins, combined with the yellow (of which I am not a huge fan) combined to create something with which I was definitely not even in like. However, since they were a kit, I felt I could not really split them up – so I sent the whole kit ‘n caboodle off to my swap partner. I am looking forward to seeing what becomes of the little fibery skeins.

And on my skein-of-Americana front, I want to thank everyone for providing suggestions on what I might make with it. While I liked Erin in Boston’s direction (Knitting It Old School is one of my favorite books!) as well as Nicole’s suggestion of a granny square scarf (that was the front-runner for quite a while), I actually came across a crochet pattern over the weekend that will be perfect, so expect to see that in a bit. However, I’m still going to provide swatches, and if I have any yardage left, I will take happymousefairy’s suggestion and make a flower corsage. That would definitely be a stretch of my skills, so thanks for providing me with it.

I really like this crocheted cardi
 - praia do rosa

Finally, I leave you with a few other pattern books I acquired over the weekend. Two of the three were steeply reduced, and all of them have patterns I love in yarns I either like using or really want to use. In the case of the Berocco Origami, I can’t seem to find it! It’s considered a novelty yarn to be certain, but in colorways such as Bay of Biscay, Sienna Sunset and Black Sand Beach, works up into a really lovely mottled-colored fabric that screams summertime.

I’m determined to find this yarn.

I’m also determined to find sunny weather. Somewhere.


  1. I haven't used Origami, but petted it a few times in yarn stores & it would be fun to try out. It looks like has it in stock --|8929|berroco%20origami||S|p|6661122853&gclid=CLzD-4Wa_6gCFQ0J2godwlTDUg

  2. Instinct had you trade that Landscapes and someone else can put it to good use :O).
    What great pattern books you picked up. Lovin' that crocheted cardi. I have yet to use Noro which I find a little itchy so I tend to stay away from it but the colorings are just gorgeous.

  3. @Marushka C.: That's the issue - I haven't even touched it yet! Once I do that, I'll have no problem buying it sight unseen, but I need to see it at least once first. :)

    @Kepanie: Both of those Berocco books have knit and crochet projects in them, which I really like. That crocheted cardi has a knitted equivalent. One could make both, since they are just slightly different!

  4. I have the origami book and have made the knit version of that cardi. I plan to make the crochet one, too. I have seen the Origami yarn in person and didn't like it. I happily subbed.

  5. Our weather is stinky too! I can't wait to see what you make with that crazy ugly yarn!

  6. @Melisa: I remember your knit cardi, but don't remember what yarn you subbed. I'll need to go and check. I want to make the crochet version, but in the shorter length.

    @Nicole: Just you wait. I think that stinky yarn might get a second life. :)

  7. Somehow, whatever I make, it never makes me look like the models in the photos. Deceptive advertising! :)