Thursday, April 26, 2012

A Crafter for All Seasons? Well ... Maybe.

Here in the coastal Pacific Northwest, we're supposed to, in theory, experience four seasons. In reality, we only get two in full force: spring and fall, both of which are rather on the damp side. We do have a summer and winter, but we have such a temporate climate that the temperature rarely falls below freezing or above 80 degrees farenheit.  

Couple the above with the fact that I'm pretty much a polar bear (I love fall's nip, cold weather generally, and snow - my New England roots are showing through), and you arrive at a person that definitely crafts far more from colder-weather patterns than anything else. A quick look through my crafty magazines will confirm this: of those crochet magazines I've kept (quite a few), only 5 are from springtime, and fewer still are from the summer. The same would be true for the knitting side of things - in fact, I probably have even less knitting magazines from warmer months, yet far more from colder months.
You'll notice a pillow cover and two blankets behind
George Bailey. The pillow cover is my own free design,
the pattern for which can be downloaded from the
pattern page here on my blog.
However, I can't say that crafting items for colder weather was ever really a mindful consideration. I have a fair amount of cotton yarn, and love crafting things for my home that definitely fall outside the blanket category.

When it comes to garments and accessories, design is definitely the biggest consideration in what I decide to craft. Initially, I must love the design. Then I might consider time and my willingness to stick with the pattern (I love cables and crochet lace - those patterns are a go; brioche, not so much; socks - never). Fiber is important, but only in a tangential way, since I love fiber and will swap fibers at will if it serves the design and my own particular take on it.

My La Poétique Infinity Scarf
is a free pattern downloadable
from the Premier Yarns website
I definitely have a deep love of creating accessories - shawls and bags in particular. I love sweaters, but haven't made many, although that's changing this year in a big way. I also love crafting for my home. Rugs, blankets, and pillows all have a hallowed place in my crafty time. Additionally, I like creating items in non-traditional media, especially wire and beads. Finally, I do like creating things for others. All of this crafting can get curtailed by my design and other artistic pursuits - but I refuse to give them up and the delight and/or lessons I derive from them.

The free pattern for these great napkin rings can be
downloaded from my patterns page here on my blog;
if you'd like to purchase them as a gift, they're
available for sale (4 to a set) from my online store. 
What about you? Do you find climate affecting what you craft? Do you wish you could change the mix and try something different? Don't hesitate to let me know in the comments below.

We are more than half way through our Knitting and Crochet Blogging Week extravangza. I hope everyone is having a great time visiting and reading blogs. This once again has turned into a great thing to be a part of - dare I call it a phenomenon?


  1. I wished I had the kind of lifestyle where my family even knew what napkin rings were for LMAO

  2. Those napkin rings are adorable, I hope to try and make them myself soon.

  3. Love the colours you used for the pillow cover and blankets!

  4. Definitely a phenomenon! Fantastic!

  5. I don't mind Fall, Winter, & Spring. Hot summer weather that we get once in a while is uncomfortable and totally unlike Oahu hot weather.
    I like how all of your designs have a delicacy about them.

  6. Most of the places I have lived in, never seem to have all four seasons. I will be in utter amazement if we ever relocate to a place that does all four. :)

    It might even change how I pursue things and make decisions on what I'm going to make.

    I love your take on this topic! It makes perfect sense to me.

  7. It has become quite the phenomenon! I loved visiting new blogs! yours is great