Saturday, April 28, 2012

My Fantasy Crafty Fiber Day

Well, it's day 6 of this year's Knit and Crochet Blogging Week, and I'm officially exercising my wildcard right to fill you in on my perfect crafting day.  Remember, it's my fantasy.

Where: NYC (it could also easily be Paris or Milan)
When: Probably fall
With Whom: My guy (when is he going to show up, anyway?)
                      and then meet up with 4 of my fibery gal pals

Morning: My guy and I have a leisurely continental breakfast in bed, delivered by room service at our boutique and oh-so-fashionable hotel. We listen to NPR, he reads or gets updated on his electronic device of choice and I get some comfy crafting done on my latest project.

After dressing, my guy goes his separate way (hey, he's entitled to his own fun) and I meet up with the 4 crafty gals - it's time for fiber shopping. We take a quick horse  'n buggy ride through the park to get our green fix, then head first to the LB store - the window is always so enticing, and I can stock up on some of their LB Collection fibers. Next up: Purl Soho for more yarny fun (as well as some serious button stash enhancement). Finally (before lunch): Habu Textiles, for my fix of fiber inspiration.

Lunch: In Chinatown or Tribeca, me and the crafty gals enjoy great food and even better conversation during which we revisit our purchases and oogle over all manner of stash enhancement. Oh yeah.

Afternoon: We head to Brooklyn for a visit with Jared Flood (who has graciously agreed to see us), so we can get a tour of the studio (because he gives tours all the time), pick up some yarn (because of course he's got some at the studio just waiting for us) and we get a sneaky peek at what the studio is working on. Perfect. Then, back to the hotel.

Evening: Drinks with my guy and the gals (with their SOs) where we all compare notes on the day. Dinner someplace relaxed and very leisurely, sans electronic devices. A nightcap in the oh-so-fashionable boutique-y bar or perhaps a blues club, if one is close by.

My fantasy crafty day is filled with fiber, friends and city fun - not to mention good food and no chores whatsoever. Now that's inspiring.


  1. That sounds perfect! Can I come too?

    1. That sounds like my kinda crafty day too! :-)

  2. What a fabulous day - you even chose a town and a season!!!!!!! Wonderful!

    B x

  3. sounds wonderful - just one edit - Jared is DYING to see you, and he's opened some bubbly X

  4. Oh yes, chores don't get a look-in. Unless maybe part of the fantasy is having some Help :-)

  5. Can I borrow your perfect day??? I love it.

  6. Since I live in NYC, the idea of spending an ideal day here seems absolutely horrifying! But the way you've described it, I can almost imagine it being perfect. Almost...

  7. Sounds delightful... just one question... who are the fab four??