Friday, April 20, 2012

What Color Spring?

As I mentioned last week, I've been in the middle of a big spring clean/rearrange. Part of that process included organizing my craft area, magazines and books. Which led me to look at exactly which knit and crochet magazines I owned (even though I do have most of them catalogued in my Rav library). Which also led me to the realization that I buy far more craft books in the cold months than I do in the warmer months. Go figure.

I then thought it might be interesting to see how magazine covers have changed (or not, depending on perspective), so I pulled out all of my "spring" crochet magazines. I decided on crochet simply to narrow the field, but I'll probably do the same with my knit magazines (and I've already done it with my cooking magazines - I can absolutely tell you which colors scream spring in the cooking world - but I digress).

There are five covers ranging from 2006 to the present. I was amazed at how much blue appeared! Blue would not have been the first color I'd have blurted out if you had asked me prior to seeing the covers. And of course, lace makes the cover. (FYI - can you identify which is the Doris Chan design?)

These are also all American publications. There are crochet and knit magazines published in several European countries, so they might have a different take on spring.

What are your thoughts on spring colors? Do these covers scream spring?

Now head on over to Andrea's blog and check out how everyone else is defining spring on this Fee-Fi(ber)-F.O. Friday.

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  1. I seem to buy more of the magazines in the Winter too. Looking at all of the covers, I don't see Spring. They aren't vibrant enough. I would pick rich purples and deep cranberries along with vibrant yellows and green. Seriously, I'm looking at my front yard at all of the blooming trees, flowers and bushes and those are the colors I see. When will they learn to keep nature as the inspiration.

  2. Denise--Please, please, please come to my house and help me organize! For you to have gotten to the point that you're grouping magazines by month, I would say you have nothing left to do! Believe me, I have plenty!! Giggle. XXO-

  3. It seems like they associate pastel colors with spring. I think vibrant pinks, greens, yellows and deep purples. I agree with Andrea, they need to take more cues from nature.

  4. Let me guess, the mandarin collar is Doris Chan? (Ok, I looked up on Ravelry to verify, and it is). Tho I would make it a little shorter and add some black piping.

    Spring is the color of flowers, red, green, purple, pink, orange, white, sharp contrast, vibrant and ready to pop.

  5. Hmmm. They all seem pastel-y which is Easter-y to me... with the exception of the upper left which feels like the southwest. I do think they all go nicely with the color scheme on your home page. :-)

  6. They sure do have the spring vibe.
    I only have a few knitting and crocheting mags. I know myself and they would just pile up.

  7. The colors that most scream "spring" to me are the bright yellow-green (almost peridot) of new leaves, pink crabapple blossoms, and lilac.

  8. I try to group all of my craft and cooking magazine by season. I'm not normally so obsessive, but I often want lighter foods and lighter knitting projects in the spring, and the opposite in the winter

  9. Blue wouldn't have been my first thought for spring, but the 2 with the yellow titles do look very springlike. I don't buy a lot of knit/crochet mags, but I buy more spring and summer because the fall and winter ones have things that are way too warm to wear here. Most of the spring and summer stuff can be worn here in fall and winter.