Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Photography + Yarn + Art

Hello and welcome to day 2 of the 3rd annual KniCroBlo Week here at chez Voie de Vie.

When the blogging week's topics were announced at the beginning of the month, I immediately had a great idea for this day. I've been eagerly looking forward to it - not only for my entry, but to also see how everyone else is going to approach the topic.

However, with time came reflection ... and a change in game plan. I decided to post photos of the two things that have absolutely animated my life in the last three years - yarn and art. I am so excited and pleased that I am now designing (and the second half of this year will see multiple patterns of mine published), yet I am very shy when showing my paintings. I'm not exactly certain why this is ... so I decided to just take the plunge, look through my photos to find those that include yarn and paintings or in some way relate the two, and post them with some bits of back story. Here goes:

This is a bedroom in a former living space that contains reminders of where it all started for me. The bed cover is a blanket done in tunisian crochet after I attended a tunisian crochet course at Stitches West in 2009. From the blanket came the inspiration for the tryptich on the wall. The paintings remain a point of inspiration ... and the tunisian crochet course, well, just wait until later this year and you'll see.

Ok, so I realize there's no painting in this shot, but you know you needed a gratuitous picture of the friendly-yet-oh-so-sleepy George Bailey. And it is on the tunisian blanket of inspiration. Enough said.

I love Habu Textiles. Love, love, love. Packaging? Perfect. Color? Divine. I love this shot of Habu's cuter-than-cute mohair skeins. Someone really should paint this. I mean, really.

Two years ago I participated in a Ravelry cofee and yarn swap. The group needed a new banner ad and group icon. Someone in the group had a great idea, but no skill in bringing it to life. I loved the idea and immediately saw exactly how I would approach it. Thus, the Knitter's Coffee Swap icon and banner ad were born. It's my only attempt (so far) at representing yarn on canvas. I'm certain it won't be my last.

Finally, I've saved my favorite for last. I am really proud of this painting for a number of reasons, but mainly because I absolutely enjoyed the process so much that I forgot all track of time and completed it in one weekend afternoon marathon painting session. It represents some of my most confident and inspired work. Heck, it even includes yellow. However, someone walked into my apartment sometime after I had hung it and audibly sucked in breath - and not in a good way - before composing himself. It completely cut me to the core. He's never again seen the inside of my living space. He also clearly has no clue concerning art history. Nevertheless, I also haven't really shown this painting off.

No more, bloggy readers, no more. 

Additionally, I really love this photo's perspective.

Definitely share your photo stories (without or without paint and yarn) in the comments below. And I'll look forward to seeing everyone else's most excellent photos.


  1. I love that painting! Haha, your friend needs to loosen up, we have art in our homes because we like it, not because we want someone else to. When you're so proud of something you made yourself, just looking at it makes you happy. That's exactly what you want from a painting, you should be proud to display it!

  2. Thanks for sharing your art with us! I love the painting and its inspiration in the Tunisian crochet blanket. (And, of course, you can't go wrong with a shot of George Bailey.)

  3. Of course not everyone likes the same things, but that was pretty rude of your visitor. Even if he didn't know you painted it, you clearly chose it to hang you on your wall. I'm glad you didn't let it ruin your enjoyment of the painting, even though it stung. Doesn't it look great hanging there with the bowl of yarn (yarn sculpture!) under it?

  4. Oh, forgot to say, I love your tunisian blanket. I don't think I've seen it before. I like that it is more blankety than afghany, although I do love afghans, too. It reminds me of Mexican serapes.

    1. It's actually on my projects page - way down the bottom. It's one of the first few projects I posted, I think.

  5. Wow - the blanket is beautiful. What a lovely room you have.

  6. The painting is cool - but oh my, the blanket is truly beautiful! you clever thing! I haven't tried tunisian crochet - in fact, I haven't tried making something this size either.... fantastic :)
    P.S. I think a future at IKEA sounds fab - but suspect they'd prefer me behind a till :)

  7. Love them all ♥ and people are very strange when it comes to art. I hardly show what I paint and I've finally prodded my sister into sharing hers more and actually selling it (and she actually has a degree). It's just a matter of perspective and most people have a lack of appreciation. :)

    I think they are all beautiful and having colors to inspire them, like the yarns is a great way to create even more art, both in paint and fiber!

  8. Please stop showing me gorgeous yarn, it's unkind :'-(

  9. Lovely photos. I want to curl up with that kitty and stare at your art for a spell.

  10. What a fantastic blanket! Your cat really seems to love it

  11. I love how you went straight to work on that blanket after taking the class at Stitches. Your last art was great!

  12. I love the picture of your cat on the blanket! :D