Friday, August 3, 2012

Fee-Fi(ber)-F.O. Friday: Summer Olympics Highlights and a Give-away

Since showing olympic rings would be a copyright
faux pas, I'll just show rings of a different sort.
Well, it's been one week since the London opening ceremonies (what was your favorite moment?), and a round-up of "bests" so far is in order:

Best Line Spoken in Answer to Inane Interview Question - has to go to Michael Phelps, who has looked visibly disinterested during those post-race NBC interviews, when asked about his chance of winning in a particular upcoming race : "I'll let my swimming do the talking."

Fullest Olympic Dance Card - goes to Missy Franklin who still, with less than 15 minutes between races, managed to swim fast enough to qualify for the finals in the first race, and win a little hunk o' gold in the second race (with a quick dip in the warm-down pool in between).

Most Original Controversy - Doping? Nope. Badminton girls gone bad? Yup. Who'd of thought that 8 badminton players would be ejected from the games for trying to lose preliminary rounds of play? Holy shootin' shuttlecock.

Most Amount of Useless Hot Air - goes hands down to Ryan Lochte. This is his time? You need a new watch my man because you have been, at best, underwhelming. Oh, and please ditch the grill. So not attractive.

And now for my projects update:
I've only worked on two projects thus far, and both for Team Cooperative Press Gearheads:

1. The Colour Revolt Shawl: Well, so much for winding my yarn right before the start of the opening ceremonies ... you know I switched up my yarn! The worsted weight I had originally thought would work would have provided no drape. Zip. Nada. Stash diving I went (no medal attached) and came up with fingering/laceweight in three colors that I'm using simultaneously and carrying up the sides of the shawl. It currently looks something like this:

2. My Chi-Chi Cowl: I switched up my yarn on this project as well - go figure. As I was knitting, the combination of the gray cotton and brown/gray handspun was just a little too dark. So .... I put the handspun on hold (I've got another project in mind for it) and went with two strands of cotton in gray and cream, and it's now looking something like this:

I do apologize about these less-than-perfect photos. My trusty camera needs some major repair, so I had to go to Plan B.

And now, for the wee give-away. To celebrate my pattern publications in the fall edition of Crochet! Magazine, I have a copy of the magazine + one skein of Berroco's Lustra in the ratatouille colorway to give to one lucky winner, which will get the recipient started on making their own La Symphonie Jacket Wrap. In order to be eligible, just leave a comment here telling me which projects look most appealing in the fall edition of Crochet! Magazine (and it's perfectly fine if they aren't mine!), and anything else about crochet you'd like to share. 

I'll pick a winner using the trusty random number generator next Tuesday. Good luck ... and now head on over to Andrea's blog and see what everyone is up to this fibery week.


  1. Wowza! Your projects are amazing. Bummer that the handspun is on hold. Don't you hate when you have a project in mind and the yarn doesn't cooperate?

    You summed up "The Games" pretty well. Every time I turn on the television it's swimming or rowing. I am so over both events. I want track and gymnastics. Grrr

  2. I like your shawl, the colours accentuate the curves and very eye catching. Yes those badminton girls were really incredulous, but I think they have their coaches to blame.

  3. oh my, the La Symphonie Jacket Wrap is gorgeous..that would be my fav..It is also styled perfectly with the necklace and shirt.. I'm loving the olympics...I watch alot of stuff on the net cuz well, biking, water polo, and a few others I tend to fall asleep...

  4. Lovely pattern. Others I liked in that mag were the tree bark throw and the maroma jacket (which I'd like to see in more jewel-toned colors).

    I really like the way your Color Revolt is turning out; it looks very elegant.


    p.s. thanks for all your work on the ravellenics

  5. Love your list of bests! The badminton controversy is all over Chinese press. Apparently it has been done before (so it makes it right?) but the athletes are very disappointed and devastated. Cathy is right, they have the coaches (and the organization) to blame.

    1. They've done this before in Olympic competition????

  6. That is one great shawl. The st design presents the colors in an interesting way.
    I haven't been that enthralled by the swimming as I used to be. Gymnastics and watching Misty May and Kerri Walsh had me on the edge of my seat.

  7. Lovely projects, wow goes out to that shawl!!

  8. I love your news from the Olympics! I couldn't agree more - about all of it! Here's one that got me today - South Africa's Oscar Pistorius qualified for the men's 400m. He ran it in 45.44 seconds - on prosthetic legs!! Of course there are those whole say his fake legs give him an advantage, but I thought he was awesome.

    Are you excited to see your pattern hit the stands? I went to look for my Sept/Oct issue - and it's not here yet! So while I was inquiring on the web site I took a peek. The "Sweetheart Mittens" are adorable, and the "Dolly Dishtowels" because I've never edged a towel. Of course you'll outshine them all!!

  9. Knitmish on RavelryAugust 5, 2012 at 12:20 PM

    Congrats on having your patterns published!!

    My crochet skills are very limited, so at first glance the Vase Cozy looked managable, hihi :) I do, however, love the look of the Tree Bark Throw and Vintage Connections Skirt. Lovely patterns overall!

  10. I love both your patterns, La Symphonie is a really nice wrap and I love the stitch pattern on La Tunisie. I'm very much a crochet newby, so the Vase Cozy is probably more my level of expertise, but I'm hoping to move up to more complicated crochet patterns soon.

  11. Of course, you and Wendy both have wonderful projects in there, and I also like the Maroma Jacket, although I'd choose completely different yarn.

  12. I meant to add that I'm really liking that color revolt shawl you are working on.

  13. wow huge congratulations, the shawl you made is gorgeous - i love the colourway you chose. have a great Monday xxx

  14. I don't know how I missed the Badminton story.

    I've been a fan of Oscar Pistorius for a while. I'm glad that he did well. I'm looking forward to his relay and the Paralympics.

    I like the grey and cream together.