Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Ravellenics Wrap-Up

Well, everyone, the games are over. I am in games withdrawal, since I am an absolute, official Olympic Games junkie. No more pool poetics or track terrifics or gymnastics dramaturgy. Oh, and let's not forget volleyball of all sorts.

Initially, my two completed Ravellenics projects are posted below. I'm really thrilled with the two shawls I completed.

My Counter Revolution Colour Revolt Shawl,
from What Would Madame DeFarge Knit?

I'm still working on my Chi-Chi cowl, and that should be wrapped up in short order. I completely failed to work on a cowl that's been in process since February. I will get to it, I will get to it ...

Here are the things that will stay in my memory from this Olympiad:

1. The strength of womens' sports: I must agree with NBC's commentary that this was the womens' games. While several of the mens' medal favorites didn't live up to pre-games hype, the women, by and large, far surpassed expectations. Moreover, female team sports is where it's at. Full stop.
Remembrance of Great Yarn, my version
of Lily Go's Remember Me Shawl

2. Usain Bolt plays possim really well: Did he even run as fast as he really can at any point during the games? I'd say maybe (and that's a shaky maybe) in the final team relay event. Otherwise, I'm convinced he's still got more in the tank. Scary.

3. It's nice to see authentic excitement and exuberance: In our post post-modern, irony-filled world, Missy Franklin's genuine love of her time in London is exactly the breath of fresh air we needed. She has integrity far beyond her 17 years. Go Missy Go. 

4. Those English do put on one hellofa show: London has never looked so good, and British humor was in top form throughout the 17 days. Team GB also had a fine host run of it - good on them.

5. A final shout-out to our Miss Intrepid: Did everyone see all the places Mary Carillo went and all the things she saw during the 17 days? From Shakespeare to Welsh daytime drama to bog snorkling (yes, snorkling in a dirty bog!), high British tea to drinking green sports shakes with athletes, there was no place or thing beyond Mary's reach. And she reported on all of it with good humor and genuine fun. She deserves the gold medal for late-night games reporting. Hat tip, indeed.

Now, only less than two years to Sochi.


  1. But only 15 days until the London Paralympic Games begin.

    Your shawls are beautiful :-)

    1. I must admit, I haven't watched the Paralympic games. Are they televised on network television?

  2. Your shawls are quite lovely Voie. Excellent jobs on those.

  3. Great re-cap of the games. I'm sad that they're over and it's back to regular programming. There was always something to watch.
    I'm such a shawl fan, and I'm loving yours - especially the Remember Me. Lovely indeed.
    On another note - I realized yesterday that I was mistakenly looking for your pattern in Crochet Today! Not, Crochet! No wonder I couldn't find it - du-ho! Now that I know where to look I'll be tracking down a copy (silly girl - I know!)

  4. I do like your shawls - well done :-) Did you know, this was the first Olympics where every single one of the 204 countries who entered sent a female athlete team member ? Including Yemen, KSA, etc ?

    1. While I had heard that, I was admittedly shocked that not all teams previously had not sent at least one female athlete. Yeah for this Olympic games!

  5. For years now I've been wishing for a year round Olympics channel, so we can see in more details how the athletes train and live, or the "less important" events happened during the games that they didn't air. Maybe one day some deep pocket will pick up the idea and make it come true.

    There will be so much to look forward to in Rio with Missy and other young swimmers and divers.

  6. No Friday post this week? I hope all is well. Both shawls are really pretty. The colors in the Counter Revolution Colour Revolt Shawl are just perfect together. I really love how that one turned out.