Tuesday, August 28, 2012

VK Crochet: 3rd Installment

Now that herculean Ravellenic Games crafting efforts are over, I thought another installment in my series of finished projects by real people from the special edition VK Crochet magazine was in order. Today's design features one close to my designing heart, since I love all things tunisian crochet:

 Design: #32 Tunisian Lace Tunic

Mary Beth Temple, of  Getting Loopy! podcast fame, has been a crochet and knit designer for many years. This lovely tunisian lace tunic is, to me, her most engaging tunisian design project to date. American audiences are still learning about the wonders of tunisian lace (although Japanese crochet pattern books are repleat with the technique), and I'm thrilled that someone has a completed project from this design (in fact, there are two thus far).

The interpretation:

Annette (ANetTow on Ravelry) has captured the easy wearing yet sophisticated appeal of Mary Beth's design. She's been crocheting for over two decades, and I was so pleased to see in her notes (as well as her photos!) how blocking really opened up the lace stitches:

As anyone who reads this blog regularly is aware, I think blocking is magic. The proof is definitely in the stitchy pudding in this design. Annette also used a light fingering weight merino/bamboo blend, which allows for that great drape.

All in all, a nifty little top that I hope she enjoys wearing for many years to come. My thanks to Annette for her kind permission to use her photos.

There's more in store in this series, so stay tuned. Same bat channel. :)


  1. Blocking is magic for an FO.
    I like the colorway she used. She did a great job on that tunic; it fits her wonderfully.

  2. Wowza! That is gorgeous! You seriously inspire me to learn more crochet skills especially when I see FO like this. Have you crocheted this one yet?