Friday, November 2, 2012

Happy November

It may be Fee-Fi(ber)-F.O. Friday, but more importantly - it's November! This is my absolutely favorite time of year: we in the U.S. get ready for Thanksgiving (my absolutely favorite holiday), everything is an absolutely burnished shade of red, green and gold, we feel the nip in the air and actually like it, there's more parties to attend, more great food to eat, more great drinks to celebrate - it's the last great, big, fun gasp before the end of the year and the much-needed renewal dead of winter. As I'm sitting here composing this, watching the bubbles rise in my glass of prosecco and the lights of the city skyline twinkle, I feel equal parts happy (I met a design deadline yesterday) and grateful and contemplative (many are just starting to dig out from Storm Sandy).

And if it's November, it's also NaKniSweMoDo time. You know, that month every year where many of us celebrate writers who churn out a 50,000 word novel in a month by knitting (or crocheting) 50,000 stitches in a month (which usually boils down to a sweater). Feel free to check out the NaKniSweMoDo group here and join in the sweater-making fun.

I am determined to complete my sweater this year, since last year's NaKniSweMoDo-started sweater is still waiting to be finished. Yeah, yeah, I know ... but I am determined. That's important to keep in mind. I'm planning on tackling the Sera Lace Top, which I've had queued since January, 2010. Better late than never. Here's the yarn I've selected:

I get all kinds of jazzed just looking at that color. Yes, yes I do.

Of course, I'm still working on projects in my Accessories: Autumne 2012 JAL, which reminds me that next week the collection is set to visit Bits 'n Pieces. Take a look at what I'm almost done with, using the WonderWhyGal's handspun no less:

Btw, all of my models have confirmed their requests: I'm making three Enveloped Cowls. Two in neutral shades and one in deep blue. I've got the yarn for two of them and the third all picked out, so I'm set on personal projects for a little while. Of course, don't think that will stop me from working on my Froggy Block Swap blanket. Nope. No siree Bob.

It's November. I think more prosecco is in order.

Now definitely head on over to Andrea's blog and see what everyone else is celebrating this first Friday in November.



  1. Good for your. I won't be up to the writing challenge this year. Not even going to attempt it. Look at that handspun knitting up. Hooray!

  2. Denise--Love the red yarn and the yummy project you're making from Andrea's yarn.
    Prosecco...yum! You always have the best 'beverages' on hand! XXO-

  3. I finished the last stitch on my shawl last night. Now I can really focus on Le Bouquet and next week's blog post. Yay!

  4. I'm with you, I love, Love, LOVE Thanksgiving.

    Good luck with NaKniSweMo.

  5. I love the yarns you selected for the Sera Lace top, both shades are gorgeous! Good luck with your November challenge!

  6. That challenge sounds so fun. Next year I'll participate!
    Nancy is very happy w/your e-book :O).

  7. Good luck with your sweater - the colours are gorgeous.