Monday, September 29, 2014

(Just Another) Melange Monday

Yes, folks - it's time for another edition of melange - it is Monday, after all.


I can't say I'm a huge fan of classical music, but I do love Mozart. Genius notwithstanding, he was also a prolific letter writer. I read many of his published letters (in translation - he wrote in three languages) for an undergraduate humanities course. That was also my first introduction to his older sister, Maria Anna, an accomplished musician in her own right. Over the weekend I watched the movie Mozart's Sister (or, in the original French, "Nannerl, la soeur de Mozart") which re-imagines, to a great extent, Maria Anna's story. While the re-imagining comes from a very feminist perspective (which was an intriguing counterpoint, given how Maria Anna completely obeyed her father, who held conventional views of the day concerning the role of women), it's also highly entertaining, not to mention lush and a real feast for the ears as well as eyes. From a fiber arts perspective, I'd highly recommend watching this - Maria Anna wears some wonderful shawls and neckware, one of which looked hand crocheted. Lots to inspire a fiber artist here (not to mention the music lover).


As you can see from the photograph above (taken over this past weekend), the leaves are just starting to turn color. Like a hand and glove, I instantly think all things pumpkin when I see leaves turning, so I thought I'd share a little visual stroll down pumpkin/squash memory lane.

As you can see, I eat pumpkin. I decorate with pumpkin. I even seek it out in foreign countries (the middle shot is from France).

What can I say? Behold the power of autumn orange. :)


  1. Sadly, our autumn has already gone and past. We're being threatened by snow right now :D Of course, I wish fall had lasted more than two weeks. That's definitely one thing I miss about living in the lower 48.

    Also, pumpkin is awesome. I picked up a few recently to sit as decorations on the table.

    1. OhMyBob, snow in October!!!! I'm sorry fall has come and gone, but do enjoy those pumpkins. :)