Monday, May 11, 2015

Call Me Mohair

It's Day 1 of this year's week-long blog-a-palooza, and we're supposed to pick a fiber that represents our personality.

Well alright - this was easy-peasy for me: I must be mohair. Mohair, mohair, mohair. How do I reflect thee? Let me count the ways, people.

The beginning of a Flying Blanket worked up in gloriously
lightweight, warm and versatile mohair.

Mohair is versatile: from the catwalk to elite interior design showrooms, you'll find mohair because of its light weight and ability to insulate in winter and keep things cool in summer. It also can achieve multiple gauges for various effects. Want to see a different side to its personality - just change your hook or needle size.

Mohair is lustrous: whether dyed or au natural, this fiber has sheen to spare.

And speaking of dyes, mohair takes dye beautifully. Look at the wonderful blues above, and that's only two colorways from my stash. I think I've got mohair in almost every color except yellow and black.

Mohair is durable: basically, it takes a licking and keeps on going, and going, and going. 

Mohair plays well with other fibers: I love to work it with a strand of wool or silk (the fiber with which it's most commercially spun).

And let's face it - mohair has a unique personality. There is no other fiber like mohair. Its grand halo makes it instantly recognizable (ok, cue the angelic voices, like, now). 

While it might be slightly difficult to undo mohair fabric, who exactly appreciates being undone? This is a fiber that knows who it is and expects to be treated with respect. What you get in return is gorgeousness that will make you look good for a very long time. 

How can I not be the diamond fiber, mohair? 


  1. Love your choice of mohair, especially re: coming undone!

  2. I do love mohair :) Sometimes it can be a challenge to find a soft one, some can be a bit harsh ...