Saturday, May 2, 2015

Well, It's a Fiber Arts Friday Post ...

... on Saturday. That's just the way yesterday went for me. 

Nevertheless, this is an update on Voie de Vie's Spring Flingy Thingy, in progress through the end of May (and OhMyBob, it's already May!!!!). I've definitely been elbow deep in fiber, and have many WIPs to show for it, although no additional finished projects just yet.

Progress on my Frosted Espresso Cardigan
In my two public tests, here's where I'm at with both projects:

(1) On my Frosted Espresso Cardigan, I'm almost half way through the shrug, but I now need to wait for additional LB Collection Silk Mohair to make its way to me, since I can only purchase it online through the Lion Brand website (since I'm not in Gotham City). I'm loving both the yarn choice and working up this lace cardi - the main lace pattern is easily memorized so it makes for great night time crocheting - at least until I get to the front portion, but that's a little way off.

(2) I am super thrilled with my progress on my test version of the Autumn Leaf Shawl. Not only am I enjoying seeing the post stitch "veins" of the leaf work up, but people in the test are using such wonderful yarn - so far, Fyberspates Gleem Lace and Madelinetosh Lace - both in yummy colorways. I'm also thrilled with the fact that I get to use up lovely yarn from stash. Oh yeah.

The summer leaf version of my Autumn Leaf shawl design - aren't
those leaf "veins" great?

Now on to the main event of the spring flingy thingy - the Leather, Lace, Grit & Grace a-long. Since I started on two cardigans (yikes!) from the book's collection it's going, but slow and steady. Initially, I am now on the back of my own Definitely in Africa Cardigan. This also is an easily memorized lace pattern, and since it's worked in pieces, this will now become my travel project. In fact, I took it with me to my eye exam last week. Do you know how difficult it is to work on a crochet project when one is waiting for the eye pupil dialating drops to kick in? Ask me how I know. :) Nevertheless, I am farther along on the back piece than is showing in this photograph. I also switched up my edging yarn to something that is far more subtle than the cream I originally had chosen. This is turning into a cardi with a distinctly fall feel.

My current version of the Definitely in Africa cardigan. I don't know if
you can read the notations, but the first front piece is on the bottom of
the pile (notated at top left), the first sleeve is front and center (notation
mid-left) and the beginning of the back piece is at top right.
See the two different cream yarns
playing together nicely

My Nichols Cardigan is working up creamy good. I've got more motifs done than in this photo, and the shrug is also about half done. Initially I thought this project would take longer than the Definitely In Africa cardigan, but nope. I am whipping right through these pieces. I'll be thrilled once I make the strips for the lower portion of it and start the final construction. I'm definitely aiming to wear this sooner rather than later.

Speaking of these cardigans and Leather, Lace Grit & Grace, don't forget that its bloggy tour is set to start this coming Monday, May 4th. (Go here to see all the stops.) Several bloggers on the tour have been spending time and energy on their respective reviews, and I really appreciate the effort. This book is a little (ok, well maybe a lot!) like my child - I have put so much effort and heart and soul into it. The fact that these bloggers are taking such a considered approach to its review is a gesture I appreciate far more than I can convey in mere words. I hope everyone will take the time to visit each blog stop and give these amazingly talented bloggers some time as well. I will also tell you that the first stop - Dream in Color's blog - got a little help from me, since they are in the midst of a major move. I hope you all enjoy the design anecdote I share, which you'll only read there. On Monday. 

And don't forget, everyone who leaves comments on along the bloggy tour route will be entered into my give-away at the end of the Spring Flingy Thingy for a chance to win yarn, books, and even a Scenic Tour Flight of the Puget Sound in a seaplane! How amazing is that? (And of course, disclaimer: you'll need to get your awesome self to the Puget Sound on your own if you're not local in order to take advantage of this prize so, like, what are you waiting for?)

Ok, is that enough update for one blog post?


  1. The autumn leaf shawl is so detailed. It's like faerie magic. Your yarn for the Africa Cardigan looks smooshy!
    I'd like to take you up on the extra photos for my Mother's Day post. Do you have some for the Markham headband, the Aviatrix cap, and the puffy shoulder warmer?