Sunday, May 17, 2015

Where Do I Craft?

Well, it's the final day of this year's Knit and Crochet Blog Week, and while I'm sorry I didn't get to post a survey yesterday (and I really did want to, drat!), I'm back for the final day, when we're prompted to tell about where we craft.

I suppose the most honest answer is where don't I craft? I always have a project with me (especially if I know I'll be on public transportation, which is most times I leave the house), and usually have no problem using hook or sticks on it. Since I cover a lot of ground in the greater Puget Sound area on public transportation, I absolutely get a lot accomplished. I usually have at least one project going that's not secret (as in, not for publication) and which has a stitch pattern I've already memorized precisely for this reason.

However, one of the best places and times for me to craft is early in the morning, out on my deck. If it's not raining, this is my view:

The bottom shot does happen quite a bit, and the fog is really awesome. I usually bring out my morning cuppa, let George Bailey get some fresh air so I can keep an eye on him (he likes to escape and have kitty adventures) and get a great start to the day.

Thanks so much for a great week of blogging. It's been fun getting to see some new-to-me blogs as well as some I've read from past blog fests. Additionally, a shout-out to Eskimimi Makes for getting this all together in the face of a less-than-smooth pregnancy. I hope all goes well and you'll soon be furiously making more baby clothes.