Friday, September 21, 2012

More Blocks Have Leaped Off The Lily Pad

My frog-themed block making continues, and this Friday I have four more to share with you (all which have been sent out to their intended swappees) :

This is the Embossed Bunny block from Nicky Epstein's Knitting Block by Block. I would rate this an easy block - it's a seed stitch border, with stockinette and reverse stockinette stitch used for the subtle bunny shape. I think the button eye actually provides a huge visual aid in identifying the bunny. This pattern isn't yet in the Ravelry database, so I'll need to add it. Other than color, this doesn't have too much to do with a frog ... however, this recipient's blanket will be made for a child, so I'm hoping she likes bunnies.

This is the Framed Flower Block, another of Interweave Crochet's Chain Reaction block patterns from 2010/2011. This went with the Embossed Bunny block, so I do hope it's well received. The block looks a little wonky because I have it sitting on top of a bush, but it is square and I do love how the colors played nicely with each other. I'd definitely rate this block, as well as the final two in this post, intermediate level crochet blocks.

This next block is Amelia Beebe's Yarn Clouds block. I love her use of post stitches to form the "clouds," as well as the corner treatment. In these colors, it's very soothing. I modified the last round I worked, using stitches smaller in height, in order to achieve a 10" square. This is definitely one of my favorite blocks worked thus far.

Finally in this set, Robyn Chachula's Lotus Blossom block, another from the Chain Reaction project. One can't go wrong with anything Robyn Chachula, and this block definitely didn't disappoint. I love it in this green tea-ish color with a little espresso around the edges for contrast.

I am so enjoying making these blocks. I've been able to craft from my magazine and book shelf, as well as make blocks that have been in my queue for quite some time. For me, it's providing a sense of fulfillment to do the above as well as share them with others.

Now I do hope you'll hop on over to Andrea's blog, where I'm sure all kinds of fun projects are being discussed.


  1. oooh, I'm trying to decide which one is my favorite. That Lotus blossom is gorgeous but I really liked the Framed Flower square too.

  2. My favorite is the Yarn Clouds block but they are all beautifully done. I can understand how you feel about making these - I have been doing the Noro Modular Afghan and it's fun knitting each piece and wondering how the colors will play out.

  3. Ooo I like the last one it's very elegant looking.

  4. What a nice block party. Love the layers of colors, all within a theme, yet all very different.

  5. Nice! Makes me think of a marsh at night with dragonflies buzzing about and frogs ribbitin' to one another.

  6. I do so love these!! Hope you're having a great weekend.

  7. I really appreciate your ratings of ease/difficulty - thanks :-)