Friday, September 7, 2012

VK Crochet: 4th Installment

So, although we've just celebrated the traditional final weekend of summer here in North America, I thought it appropriate to celebrate one, last summer fling with a look at the most popular design (in terms of projects) from the special crochet edition of Vogue Knitting:

Design:  #18 Lacy Top

It is no surprise that this Doris Chan top, complete with signature exploding lace and top-down construction, has the most projects started from the magazine in the Ravelry database - 47, 23 of which are completed. The three I chose to highlight cover a range of sizes and wearing options.

The interpretations:

Photo used with Amy's kind permission.

Amy (Amerz on Ravelry) loves purple and blue - you don't say? Wearing this top over a dress is a popular approach to this design. Amy is a Doris Chan devotee (she co-moderates the Doris Chan Ravelry group), so it's no surprise to me that she has a finished project from this design, or that it fits really well. Of some note: technically, the neck edging isn't quite finished in this photo, but the average viewer won't spot that. 

Thanks so much for the use of your photo, Kristen.

Kristen (KristenJ on Ravelry) has one of the most elegant interpretations of this design (which is in line with her overall craft approach and personal design aesthetic). Kristen is one of many polycraftuals hanging out on Ravelry - she states she's been knitting and crocheting for over 30 years. I love her color choices in this outfit, as well as the simple yet effective pearl-like accessory. Amy does note to be mindful of the potentially not-so-strategically placed negative space in the front of this top. Noted, Kristen!

And a sincere thanks to Cyndi for allowing me use of her photo.

And the final interpretation, from Cyndi (cyndim on Ravelry) is probably my favorite. Great yarn choice (Cascade Ultra Pima - I love cotton, what can I say?), great color, and a perfect, casual summery approach. Can you believe this only took three skeins? Or that Cyndi has four, count 'em 4, grandchildren? You just keep rockin' that lace top, Cyndi.

I hope you are as impressed as I am with all of the finished projects thus far from the VK Crochet special edition. These designs are yielding great fashion bang from real-life, everyday women.

Now don't forget to check in with the blog of our very own super, real-life, everyday woman - Andrea, the WonderWhyGal.

Oh ... and have a great weekend!


  1. I love all of the versions of this Lacey Top. It really could change up just about any outfit.

  2. Very interesting how the change of spacing would change the overall look of a garment or outfit. Thank you for showcasing the lovely interpretations of the design.

  3. Is it wrong that I want to crochet this with much thinner yarn and a much smaller hook and close up all those huge gaping holes? I guess I just like my lace unexploded, LOL. Different strokes for different folks makes the world more interesting for us all.

  4. The placement of that negative space is exactly why I wasn't planning to make this top! But these look great, so I'm going to investigate further how to avoid that problem.

  5. It's really interesting when ppl interpret a pattern and wear it w/their own style. This gives a pattern so many dimensions and choices.

  6. This really is a fantastic pattern--my fix for the weirdly placed negative space holes at the front was to simply chain a few stitches in a triangle pattern across the two holes in question. It took two minutes, and made all the difference.

    So cool to see how everyone envisions it differently. Love the other yarn choices.

    Thanks for the mention!:)