Monday, September 17, 2012

Postcards On My Mind, Not From The Edge

I have a good friend who has lived in Europe for quite a while. For a time when our friendship was growing, he traveled quite a bit, and managed to send me fun postcards from Europe and Central America. I always looked forward to these faraway missives: the smallest handwriting possible in order to convey lots of information as well as evocative art of some sort on the cover. I haven't received a postcard from him in quite a while, and I must admit I miss receiving them.

Well, no fear on the postcard front - there's a group one can join where people all over the world exchange postcards. Postcrossing was the brainchild of this guy now living in Berlin and has grown to include over a quarter million members worldwide. It's a pretty simple concept: receive random, worldwide addresses, send each person a postcard and receive postcards from other random people from everywhere in the world. Pretty cool, huh?

So, I've sent several postcards, and the image to the left is from the first card I've received. The artwork is from Charlotte Mutsaers, a Dutch artist.

I must admit, I do love my first postcard ... almost as much as one from my friend.

Maybe he'll read this and take the hint.


  1. What a fun exchange to do. This is gonna be a silly question, but do you also write a message to the person?

  2. A beautiful first postcard. Hopefully there will be many more! Sounds like fun.