Friday, October 5, 2012

And The Final Froggy Blocks ...

... are completed and on their way. The color choice for this swap was inspired by a frog (and thus the name of the block swap). While we might think of frogs as being green, they actually have a fair amount of mid-to-deep toned brown (as the stock photo to the left illustrates), thus the green and brown theme. All of the swappers used the same five yarn colorways in creating their blocks. We all, however, had free reign in the ways we combined those colorways, as well as the blocks we made (as long as they were 10 x 10). My final 10 blocks, in no particular order:

L-r: Spring Fling, basic Granny Square (from my head), Kata,
and Tartan Plaid from Nicky Epstein's Block by Block.
It's not yet in the Ravelry database.

R-l: Centrific, Simple 10 Petal Square, I Love The V-Stitch Block,
and a modified Forever Lace block.

L-r: Crown Jewels and August Sun.
While I thoroughly enjoyed making each of these blocks, the Tartan Plaid and August Sun were probably my two favorites from this set. There are post stitches in the August Sun that makes it full of texture; the vertical stripes in the Tartan Plaid were made with crochet! I rate all of these blocks (with the exception of the granny square) as intermediate. They each are a great way to test your stitch skills.

Now that all of my squares have been mailed, I'll await receipt of my final blocks, add a few additional blocks of my own, and then complete my blanket. I'm really excited to see how each of my fellow swappers put their blocks together.
Now definitely head on over to Andrea, the WonderWhyGal's blog, and check out everyone else's fibery fun on this Fee-Fi(ber)-F.O. Friday.


  1. Now in this group, I love the Crown Jewels pattern and the Simple 10 petal square. I really should consider making squares with my knitting. I look forward to seeing your blanket.

  2. There are some lovely blocks there - I think the 10 petal one is my favorite :-)

  3. What a fun project! When it's completed, it will be like a hug from friends each time you use it! XXO-

  4. Oh I love them all, and the colours too. I like spring fling!!

  5. I love all the squares but my favourites are spring fling, centrific, 10 petals and August sun. Thanks for sharing, it's a wonderful project :)

  6. You are a magician with a crochet hook! So looking forward to the finished blanket. :-)

  7. Tartan Plaid and August Sun are my favorites too! I need to look up post stitch, the texture looks so interesting, should be a lot of fun playing with different color combinations.

  8. I can see why the Tartan Plaid is a fave. I really like it too!

  9. I love the tartan plaid! Great colors you chose, too.