Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Autumn 2012 Accessories: Day 5

Here I am at the last day introducing my accessories collection. Sigh.

This final piece is a quick project that came together, or more accurately flowed from, my fingers in absolutely no time. Please say hello to the Slouching Towards Tassels Cap:

This very stretchy stitch pattern is rather versatile (oh, that word again) - change yarn weight and hooks to size up or down; the two I worked up in Brooklyn Tweed Shelter and Loft will probably fit most head sizes. The tassels are easily made and added at the end.

Only one skein of either is needed for a cap. All in all, an inspired little design. If I do say so myself.

I'm going to have some final words tomorrow, as well as announce the three winners of their very own accessories e-book, so if you haven't commented previously (and ok, even if you have), definitely feel free to leave your thoughts here today.


  1. This is a texturally interesting cap with a sophisticated take on the tassel. A great way to round out your collection. Looking back I think my favorite is the Rustic Elegance Shawl. I really like that you've incorporated some very interesting looking stitch combinations in all your designs which I'm sure makes for fun projects.
    Congrats on putting the book together. I'd love to add it to my collection!!

  2. Lovely--this is one of the very best-looking crocheted hats designs I've seen--looks great in the BT yarns, too.


  3. It looks like a really fun collections. Thanks for sharing your inspirations.

  4. I like the hat a lot... not sure why, but I want to call it a tam. :-)

  5. I like this hat. I love the color of those yarns too...they look like they were naturally dyed. Most crochet hats I see are an open pattern so I really like that this is a "tighter crochet"

  6. Hats are always an awesome accessory! Don't wanna say much on these posts b/c of next week. ;O)

  7. When is the little ebook going to be available ?

  8. Ah, now I see these are crochet patterns (not knitting). I have an aunt who crochets... I think she'd love this ebook.

    1. Hi Ann - actually, there's one knit pattern and 4 crochet patterns. I need to update my patterns page here on the blog with the purchase link. It will be done in just a bit. :)