Friday, October 26, 2012

Fiber and Squares and the Case of the Missing Blog

Hello everyone, and welcome to Fall! Halloween came a wee bit early for me this year - my blog went boo! in the night ... last Monday night around 6:00 pm to be exact. It went for a little trip to the other side until Wednesday morning, when it magically reappeared back in this universe. I have no idea where it went, or why it went where it went. But disappear it did. I'm so glad it's back.

So, I'm still elbow deep in fiber - some for projects with deadlines, but most associated with the join-along for my accessories collection. I'm going to initially play along with everyone by making an Enveloped Cowl for one of my models using the very soft and squoishy fiber to the right.
Picture taken with new cell phone camera.
Not too bad.

I know I've said it before, but I'll say it again - I love, love, love this yarn. Progress cowl pics next week. Also next week, the collection will be visiting The Underground Crafter - the week of Halloween. I love that.

I also made another square, this time for donation to a group blanket being made for someone who's been sick. A bunch of us donated either one or two squares, one person is putting the squares together into a blanket, and yet a few others donated yarn for the blanket finishing or postage money. The recipient picked the colors she wanted (mostly grays of all sorts and black accent), so here's my contribution:

The Snowfall square, my 9" x 9" version
I should also mention that the top and bottom photos were taken with my new 35 mm camera - a Canon Rebel. It's still film (!), but I'm thrilled to have a new, working camera. I still have my old camera, but it needs some serious mechanical tlc, so it will become my back-up camera.

Well, everyone, that's all I've got this Fee-Fi(ber)-F.O. Friday. Definitely get yourself over to The WonderWhyGal's blog, because I have no doubt there's a whole bunch going on over there.

And may you be candy and trick-or-treater rich this Halloween. Werewolves of London, indeed.


  1. I am loving the snowflake.
    I wonder just what kind of party the blog attended on the other side?

  2. I had no idea cashmere came in superwash: yum ! :-)

  3. The snowfall pattern is beautiful. Film? Are there even processors around anymore? Yikes! I do miss my old camera but am very spoiled with my digital.

  4. I'm still amazed you use a film camera. I think I still have mine, and there might even be film in it (Yikes!).

    And I need find yarn for my JAL stole. Yay for new project!

  5. Superwash cash? Oh boy, I need to hide my credit card.
    I love that snowflake; it's awesome!

  6. I love that square.

    I wonder if your blog has any stories from it's trip, or if it's been sworn to secrecy. ;-)

    1. If it's got stories, it ain't revealing any of them to moi.

  7. Your group projects are so thoughtful! I can't think of much that would be more comforting, as we edge into the colder months, than a large, hand-made blanket from friends who love you!

  8. I'm glad your blog is safely back in this universe, it would've been a disaster otherwise! That square is gooooorgeous, love it!

  9. I wonder if our Hobby Lobby has that Lion brand merino cashmere? Why oh why don't we have a real LYS? Well, probably because of our extreme heat about 80% of the year, but still... It's finally cooling off here and I could use a quick yarn fix.