Friday, October 19, 2012

The Real Star This Fee-Fi(ber)-F.O. Friday

Well, everyone, I'm feeling a little post-accessories collection afterglow, but the party must end because I've got other deadlines and projects to get a'movin on.

Nevertheless, I thought you might like to see a few George Bailey outtakes. He absolutely stole the show in a few instances.

Ooooh, a lap to jump onto.
Ok, I've had enough of this,
I'm outta here.
Yes, I am shameless.
There's a Ravelry JAL (join-a-long for those who aren't familiar with the lingo) that I've set up and people are slowly making their way to it. We'll be getting our patterns and deciding on yarn for the first week or so. The JAL is slated to go through the first week in December, in part, to accomodate anyone from the accessories blog tour that might like to join us. Everyone is welcomed, no matter which pattern you might like to work up. I'm going to start with another Enveloped Cowl for one of my models. I'm still waiting on the decisions of the other two so, who knows, I may be making three of them!

Next week I should be back with other FOs, as well as an update on my Froggy blanket, since I've received all of my swappees' squares.

It's really great to be elbow-deep in fiber this Fiber Arts Friday. Now definitely head on over to the WonderWhyGal's blog and see what fiber everyone else is elbow-deep in. Ain't that sentence construction grand.


  1. ooooh, I love the George Bailey photos! I am eager to look at the patterns this weekend in prep of the Blog Tour. Off to check out the JAL right now.

  2. I love friendly kitties, and I especially love orange cats. George Bailey has stolen my heart! Congrats on the beautiful accessories collection. I adore everything, especially the hat! If only I knitted... (Though I have a few knitting friends, perhaps I'll send them the e-book as a giant HINT :)

  3. He's a nice smiley cat, very adorable, great projects too! Best wishes!

  4. Boy George Bailey is one smart cat!

  5. I joined your JAL :-) Thank you for picking me for the blog tour, this will be so much fun!

  6. That George is a ham extraordinaire. I love that big ole cowl!