Monday, October 1, 2012

Recent Postcards

I've recently received the following two postcards:

This, from a German doctor, highlights both the words of Henning Sabo and the calligraphy art of Katharina Pieper. The verse:

Midst light I am
And light is all I see
I am a stream of light
No shadows
For everything is: light
And light is:

The second is from an 11 year-old from Poland, and highlights the Palac W Antoninie:

I know very little of the architecture from the Polish monarchy, so this building sent me on a quick Google search (it's purportedly neoclassical). While it seems to now be a hotel, it was part of a string of castles that housed the Polish monarchy; these castles now seem to be the Polish president's residence.

Oh the places we'll go and the things we'll learn.

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  1. What a neat place to live in! Very cool postcards.