Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Signs of Fall

Ah, my favorite time of the year! I know fall has arrived when:

1. there are pumpkins and all sorts of
    gourds for sale everywhere (indicating
    the seasonal harvest has begun);
2. can fresh cranberries be far behind?;
3. that great nip in the air is interspersed
    with a few warm, sunny Indian
    summer days;
4. I notice the leaf colors everywhere I go;
5. I want to cook stews all the time,
    preferably with red wine;
6. I start stocking up on candles of all sorts
    (although tea lights are my preferred
    candle choice in winter); and

7. I want to use all the soft, warm yarn I can get my hands on, preferably in red and
    orange colorways.

I also wanted to provide a few photos of Andrea's Shawl of Red Awesomeness, now that she's received it. You can also see some sassy modeled action shots over at her blog. I absolutely loved making this shawl, and it definitely makes me feel the season.

Happy Fall, where ever you are (in the Northern Hemisphere, of course)!

Grape vines in the fall French countryside


  1. My favourite too :) Like your list of signs of fall, I immediately wanted to cook a stew, lol!

  2. Wouldn't it be cool to knit up something in that orangey-brown, shades of beige, and purple? How inspirational as a Fall eve!

  3. The shawl is beautiful. Everyone keeps talking about fall but I haven't seen any sign of it here. We are still in shorts and running the AC. I don't really mind, though. It does make all the Christmas trees on display in the front of Hobby Lobby seem rather ridiculous, though.

  4. The problem with Autumn is that it doesn't last NEARLY long enough. Especially here in Wisconsin. POOF! It comes and goes far too quickly.

    Love the look of that shawl. AND the painting.

    I've been drinking far too many pumpkin spice lattes at my local coffee shops while dragging my current wip around with me. It's getting rather large to do that with, but I persist. The call of the spice.

  5. I am making pumpkin bread way too often :-)

    I'm also enjoying jeans and socks again after the long hot summer.

    The red shawl is indeed awesomeness!

  6. The shawl is gorgeous, natch. I highly agree with #7 and would add #8 Time for apple picking!