Friday, September 30, 2011

A Little Crafty Nighttime Crochet

It is yet another Fiber Arts Friday - and this week I have yet another finished object, I'm happy to report.

Several weeks back I provided a sneak peek at a large project I'm slowly but surely getting through. This is a companion piece to that much larger project:

Completed with stash yarn (in colors I just love this time of the year), I'm pretty flushed to show you my latest bedroom pillow cover. It's a riff on Sarah London's wooleater blanket pattern, which I adapted to work back and forth, as opposed to in-the-round granny square style. Because the pattern is easily memorized, this was my nighttime no-thinking needed crochet project for about a week. (BTW, Sarah has a new book out - and even though her current blog tour skipped yours truly [written with tongue firmly planted in cheek, although I have been a faithful reader of her blog], the book is worth a look-see. Mine's on back order. Sheesh.)
Additionally, I added some sweet buttons. I cannot say I'm usually much of a hearts kinda gal, but for the bedroom and bath, I like it in small doses. Besides, that square piece of bling in the middle nicely counteracts any potential suger overload.

Now, about the much bigger companion project ... well, let's hope I get that completed soon. :)

Make certain you check back with Andrea's blog to see everyone else's crafty pursuits this past week. I hope each of you has great fall weather to enjoy!


  1. What a nice design and I love the button, what a great touch!

  2. The buttons really add a lot of detail and characters. and I wouldn't consider this a no-thinking-needed project!

  3. How do you do it all? You are a maniac between the knitting and spinning. It's absolutely stunning!

  4. Every time I visit you here, there is even more beautiful stuff to behold. You are a genius for sure (and good at so many things)!

  5. What a beautiful pillow cover. Something like that would look perfect on my Mom's hand carved Victorian bed. Thanks for sharing. The buttons are the nicest touch.

  6. Spinning? Denise, have I missed something??? Are you a spinning fool too??

  7. @Melissa - thanks. This is one design that came together pretty much exactly as I had envisioned it would.

    @Vivian - Well ... if you crocheted regularly then it might not seem so complicated ... :)

    @WonderWhyGal: Nope, I think you're referring to a different person. I'm not spinning ... yet ... :)

    @Marushka: And yes, the check is in the mail. :) (Geez, thanks!)

    @AllyB: I actually think it's the buttons that would provide the Victorian link. I'm also sure that's a wonderful handmade bed!

    @Nicole: Nope, not a spinning fool just yet ...
    And what's up - I now cannot post comments to your blog. I'm not too pleased at the moment because I don't know how to reset my settings in order to make it easier to leave comments - gah!

  8. Amazingly neat and creative of you. Your home seems to be filled with so much handcrafted love.

  9. It's beautiful! I love all that texture and the colors are great together.

  10. Lovely! The two-tone yarns are such a nice pop of color.