Friday, February 21, 2014

Where Haz All the Games Gone?

So can everyone believe the Games are almost over???? Where did all the competing go? Where did all the snow in Sochi go? While I will have a more detailed wrap-up next week, I must say I have thoroughly enjoyed all the new events. I am on snowboard and half-pipe overload.

In the meantime, as part of my Ravellenic team events, I have completed another Forged Joy (the motifs for which I wrote about in my most recent previous blog post) - still in Neighborhood Fiber Co's Capital Luxury Lace (same base as my original sample) but in this awesome Belair colorway. Even with my less-than-perfect cell phone photos, the color just jumps out at you and wants to make friends. It's a happy color, no? To the right is a closer look at the edging detail, including the beads at each point (some of which do seem to be shining in the photo, I'm happy to report). This version of Forged Joy is scheduled to make its debut at Stitches West this weekend, so if any of you out there plan to attend, definitely stop by Karida's booth and check it out (along with all that most excellently dyed fiber she's brought with her).

In the meantime, I'm going to attempt to get one more project completed for Ravellenics - wish me luck. Now I hope everyone will brave the Internet elements and head on over to Wisdom Begins in Wonder and see how everyone else is winding down from the Olympics.

What Forged Joy looks like sans edging.

Friday, February 7, 2014

All Things Sochi ...

 ... well, almost. Initially, happy Friday my fellow friendly fiberistas. I am excited that today is opening ceremonies for the Sochi games. I really do love the Olympics (especially the winter games), so I am looking forward to the next almost three weeks of competition. Since I am only watching the regular NBC broadcast, I have actually temporarily removed the U.S. Olympic Team from my Twitter feed. I want no spoilers - I just want to watch and arrive at my own conclusions about things without excess commentary or spoiler knowledge. Here are some things I've noted so far (and the games have only barely started in my time zone):

1. Shaun White goes conservative - He pulled out of the new slopestyle event just this past Wednesday in order to focus on a three-peat gold medal in the half-pipe. While I certainly respect his decision, as well as his right to make it, there's something a little off when one sees Shaun White, the person who put snowboarding in the Olympics on the map, say he's not willing to engage a new challenge. I guess we're all not young and immortal forever.

2. Ashley Wagner Redemption - I am so pleased that at least one competing athlete has been willing to stand up in Sochi and publicly speak for equality. Now, I want her to focus all of her energy on redeeming her lackluster performance at the U.S. Nationals and just nail.every.skate. I know you can do it, Ashley.

3. All hail the new NBC games sportscaster - and I would not be talking about Bob Costas (whose time has so come and gone), but Mary Carillo. What a stroke of broadcasting genius on the part of NBC to make her the gal about town for the London games. She was just fantastic - from snorkling in a muddy bog (I cannot believe she did that!) to interviewing daytime drama stars, she covered the London games with style and massive amounts of good humor. I am looking forward to seeing Mary continue to be one with the host country's people - I think she will put a humanizing face on Sochi, and will probably have a ton of fun in the process.

Here's my progress on my two Forged Joy shawls:

I have another 1 1/2 motifs to go on the Neighborhood Fiber Co.'s green sample, and I'm only two motifs into the Centolavaggi gray version for one of my models. I should definitely complete the green one this weekend, and then work on the other during the games as one of my WIPs to complete.
A final thought on Sochi: several Ravelry designers have been planning a drive to donate proceeds from pattern sales to various human rights non-profits to counteract the recent draconian legal measures taken in Russia (Mr. Putin, you are just so wrong on all of this). Spearheaded by Bristol Ivy Designs, there will be an amazing list of independent knit- and crochet-wear designers worldwide who will be donating various proceed amounts from certain pattern sales throughout the games. I would urge and encourage you to head on over to Bristol's blog, check out all of the wonderful designers participating, and then support not only worthy causes, but also some darn fine designers.

The pattern-a-bogo in my Ravelry shop ends at the end of the day today, Friday, February 7th PST. Buy one, get one of equal or lesser value for free with the code "Patternabogo."

Now, I am ready to settle in for the games, but not before I head on over to Wisdom Begins in Wonder to see what's going on with Andrea and the farm. I do hope you'll make it over there as well.

Until the next Sochi installment ...