Saturday, September 30, 2017

As September Comes to a Close

Hello my crafty maker friends. I have been a little quiet here on the blog, although I have been busy design-wise. In addition to my latest pullover design and article in Knitting Traditions inspired by Raymonde de Laroche, the first female to receive a pilot's license at the turn of the 20th century, I have also self-published a new knit cowl design - The Coleman Cowl - named for Bessie Coleman, the first African-American of either gender to earn a pilot's license. That new design is also the anchor for an e-book remix of several other knit designs of mine inspired by the early females of flight. We are also, in my Ravelry group, working on several of these designs in a maker event that will conclude mid-October. There is still time to join in (and an equal number of crochet and knit designs are eligible for making, so everyone is welcomed!), and you know I will be awarding fantabulous yarny prizes when it's all over.

However, one of the reasons why I have been so quiet here is because I have been contemplating how to proceed with my blog. I have been mulling this over for quite some time, so when I recently read Grace Bonney's excellent and in-depth take on the state of Design*Sponge's blog and blogging in general, I sighed with, admittedly, a fair amount of relief. It's always nice to get confirmation from others what my gut has been feeling for quite a while.

Now to be certain, I am not in the same league as Bonney's blog. My blog has always been a deeply personal space, unencumbered by any desire on my part to monetize it. In fact, I wrote about just this topic - the lack of ads - here two summers ago. I refuse to feed the content monster, opting to create and post only the content I choose (it's pretty much an extension of how I design). If people want to read this blog, they are welcomed to do so.

Still, I write on a fairly wide range of topics, and I genuinely enjoy the writing, yet I have provided no way for readers to express their appreciation with money - especially if a reader likes the blog content but is not necessarily a maker (so paying for a pattern is probably out of the question). I know that I have made donations in the past to other designers (most notably, for using font they have created).

So with today's blog entry and going forward, I will provide a Voie de Vie donation link at the very end of the post. Any amount (in whole dollars, please) a reader wishes to donate in an appreciative expression of this blog - and my design and creative life generally - will be graciously accepted and deeply appreciated.

This blog will continue with new posts for the foreseeable future. It is a place where I have been able to express myself since 2010 (amazing!), and it will continue, without reservation or condition. 

And of course, if you like what you read, don't hesitate to hit that donation button. :)