Monday, January 20, 2020

Another Day "On" is Marked

"True peace is not merely the absence of tension: it is the presence of justice." 

Quoted in Let the Trumpet Sound : A Life of Martin Luther
King, Jr (1982) by Stephen B. Oates

I have used the above quote in a previous blog post commemorating Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, and it remains as relevant as ever at the beginning of this new year and decade. At a time when some are still fighting to be treated with dignity on public transportation:


I never take my privilege for granted. I was involved in a service project today, and it filled me with happiness to see so many showing up in my community (many with their small children in tow) to mark all that MLK, Jr.'s work stood for.

Of course, as Bernice King talked about today, it cannot only be about just one day, right? I have been involved in a long-term service project, and trust me when I tell you it is difficult to show up every day and do emotionally difficult work, but I do so precisely because it is difficult, despite my white, cisgendered privilege (though, as a female, gender equity remains unfinished business, but that's for another day). 

I hope each of you commemorated today in a way most relevant for you. Never take your own privilege for granted, yet never give up hope that one day we all will sit in the privileged seat.

Wednesday, January 1, 2020

And Another New Year Begins

Everyone, happy new year and bonne année! With this new year, and indeed the beginning of this new decade, I present this year's indie dyer call:

Further visual inspiration for dyers can be found on this Pinterest board. If there are any additional questions, do feel free to check out the appropriate Ravelry thread in the D+D Summer Fun swap group.