Thursday, June 14, 2018

Progress, Hope, & Happiness 2018: Women & Water is Now Published!!!!

Hello my maker friends. I hope June finds each of you ushering in the latest season with cheer and style (summer for those in the Northern hemisphere, winter for those of you south of the Equator).

If you will recall, I announced the call for this year's summer collection and maker event here on the blog. Five months, four indie dyers, and nine indie designers later, the collection is published:

The Women & Water collection turned out even better than I could have hoped for. As you will see from the look book, the designers chosen by the dyers absolutely knocked themselves out. I, admittedly, am also really pleased with my own photography and design handiwork. It is a real pleasure to be among such amazing indie design company, so raising my own game just came naturally.

The worldwide maker event is officially hosted here on Ravelry, and we have a current Instagram hashtag challenge using the #happinessmakealong2018 event hashtag. We have already given out prizes, and more are on the way, both during the summer make-a-long (which runs through July 31), as well as at the end based on all the wonderful finished projects I know will be produced (our FO thread has been christened in a most stunning manner). Do feel free to head on over and join us - make something fun for yourself and enjoy this season of making, whether in warmth or the beginning of winter.