Saturday, March 21, 2020

A Little Dusty But Not Forgotten

Well, my making and artistic friends, it's been a while since I have written a blog post, and by the looks of the few spam remarks I have received (and now deleted), it seems I need to start paying more attention. I sigh, because, like, why???? 

In any event, I have been extremely busy since ... well ... like fall of last year, and then COVID-19 hit and while I am still busy, the forced physical distancing has actually provided an opportunity for me to now catch up on my social media. If this is the way to communicate with others at the moment, then I will make the most of it, as I have been attempting to do with this blog for many years now.

Of course, when the going gets tough, makers get going on new projects! Despite all of the other designing tasks on my plate, I started a new project for moi late last week:

This will become my very own Tweedy Origami Cardi and I cannot wait to finish it! I am farther along than that initially snapped Instagram photo, so things are moving along. I am really trying to upgrade my wardrobe, and I made a commitment to myself at the beginning of the year that for anything new I purchased, I would make one thing to go with it. I purchased some pants back in January, so this is one of the tops I will use to create an outfit. I have so, so, so, many things I want to make for myself. Seriously, there really is just not enough time. NOTE: get a load of my Insta comment - I thought we'd be social distancing for 10 days - what a pipe dream that was!!!! 

I hope everyone is busily working on a project that brings them joy, in an environment that is healthy, with enough snacks to keep it all interesting. I know the news makes it seem like we will never get through this, but we will. When we do, all the makers and artists are going to re-enter the world with a force, just everyone wait. Even now, as I write this, artists are taking to social media in unprecedented and unique ways. This pandemic is forcing us to re-evaluate what is (and indeed who are) societally important. I hope we learn this lesson well and deeply. 

Peace out (and d.on't hoard the toilet paper, man!).