Saturday, June 11, 2016

I'll Be Using Hooks and Sticks

So we're just into the summer K/CAL celebrating my 5 

year design anniversary, and I thought I'd share with you my project plans.

Initially, since WIPs (works in progress) count, I am hoping to get a few done and clear some shelf space for other projects.

These are the sleeves of my personal version of the Definitely in Africa Cardigan from Leather, Lace, Grit & Grace. I actually started this last spring, but then so many other designs took precedence on my hooks. However, I really want to finish this for fall, so I'm fairly motivated.

This will eventually become a custom version of the Flying Blanket in greens and blues (which design is also from Leather, Lace, Grit & Grace).I'm thrilled to be working with my needles and using up some serious stash.I also started this last Spring, but never even made a Ravelry project page. I wish I could say this was the only WIP without a project page, but that would be incorrect. 

In keeping with the home theme of the blanket (which is a minor focus of this K/CAL, although everyone can make any of my paid designs), I intend to work up a few more of these Mais Oui Padded Hanger Covers. I love them, use them all the time, and they are a relatively quick one-skein project - the perfect summertime crafty make, no?

Finally, I plan on working up a Summer Dance Shawl. Again, I plan to hit stash, and below is what I want to use for it.

I love both of these fibers (bottom, silk; top, linen, and this is the end of it in my stash), and I am totally excited with the addition of these beads, which I picked up during my recent annual local yarn shop tour. 

I have the next almost two months to complete these projects, and if I do, I will be rather pleased with my crafty self. I hope you'll join me (and the others who have already joined) and have some yarny fun!

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

It's All About Hot Fun In The Summertime

Ok everyone, it's June 1st! In the United States, Memorial Day weekend is over, and the unofficial start to summer has begun.

And so, the next K/CAL celebrating my five year design anniversary will begin - how's about a little summertime fun? This a-long will last for two months - all of June and July - and pretty much anything goes. Participants can make any of my designs (excluding my three free self-published designs), and works in progress will absolutely be allowed (because, hey, it's easy living in the summertime). Think lovely, lightweight shawls, easy-breezy-to-make home items, projects that can be made on-the-go, any and all of them will be fair game for the next two months.

To whet your summertime design appetite, I am thrilled to show you my latest design worked up once again for the folks at Yarnbox - the flirty and fun Summer Dance Shawl. Worked up in yummy Lorna's Laces Pearl, this worsted weight silk/bamboo blend blocks so amazingly well that just two skeins makes a generous, full-sized shawl. The openwork stitches make the best use of Lorna's Laces dye pot - it almost looks like dappled sunlight in an impressionist painting.

The other benefit of the stitch pattern? It's a breeze to work up! (Are you all now singing "hot fun in the summertime"?)

Do head on over to my Ravelry group to check out the K/CAL details, as well as the super summery yarn prizes I'll be giving away to two random winners once the a-long is over. 

Hot fun in the summertime, indeed.