Saturday, January 15, 2011

A Proustian Grab-That-Bag Moment

Yesterday I received a package from Paris that I had been impatiently expecting (stomping of foot) for the last three weeks. The specific contents were a surprise to me, although I knew it would have something to do with tricoter and les bonbons.

As I opened each small item (there were several), I was instantly transported back to my own 2009 Parisian visit. I can still taste a lemon and prune tart I had after a memorably homey meal in Montmartre on a warm, twinkling light-filled Saturday evening. The streets and restaurants were crowded with people. A grand yet informal party, complete with a communal red wine bottle and Rastafarian music, was taking place on the steps in front of Sacré-Coeur. A couple, kind enough to ignore my earnest attempts at speaking French (the hard “r” always gave my tourist status away), showed me to the nearest Métro station. They, of a nearby French suburb, had also enjoyed a convivial Saturday evening out.

From that three week visit to France, the one aspect of French culture that still amazes me is its incredible socialness. Unlike the isolating solo living of many American cities, Paris comes alive at night, in groups, over drinks and food. The ingrained French cultural connection between table and
community was a refreshing change of pace, and one that my small parcel from the 14th arrondissement made me yearn to experience once again. Along with that great lemon prune tart.

Of course, whenever the second Parisian visit occurs, I will undoubtedly have a stylin’ bag in which to carry all of my stuff. I am a confirmed accessories gal. Below you’ll find my second completed bag, the fabric of which was sneaked in my previous blog entry. It’s actually done in Tunisian crochet, which utilizes a long hook (sometimes called an afghan hook) and certain stitches that look almost woven and can be very sturdy. I used three different yarns to achieve this color effect.

I’m most pleased, however, with my addition of a hand-sewn lining because ... like ... I am no fan of sewing. No, no siree. It’s not that I
don’t know how to hand sew, I just don’t like doing it.

Nevertheless, I’m determined to improve my patience with finishing techniques this year, and this bag presented me with a perfect opportunity to do just that. I am pretty pleased with the result, if I do say so myself.

Et, voilà!

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  1. oh thank god I am already gonna be in Paris in April or your recollections would have made it impossible to think about Paris . .. xoxo