Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Around a Town: #1

This is the first in a recurring series of photographs from around a town ... any town. Where is it? Feel free leave a comment and guess - however, this initial installment should be fairly obvious. Enjoy!


  1. It IS Seattle! I love, love, love that city!

    I'll even go as far as guessing: the arboretum, the salmon locks in Ballard, Pike Place Market (of course), maybe the floating cars are in SAM(?)... and I'm out. Will you tell us what all the places are?

    Can't wait to visit again this summer :-)

  2. @Nicole and ewenique: Yes, it's Seattle. :) Bonus points to ewenique for accurately identifying three of the scenes. I'm not saying which three ... let's see if anyone else cares to guess where I snapped them.

    I'll reveal the spots just prior to my next post, which won't be for a few days (at least), so there's plenty of time to get in on the guessing game. :)

  3. I don't recognize any of the scenes but great photos :)

  4. @heklica - thanks. I try and take my camera everywhere. :)

    Ok, so from top - bottom, here's the info on the photos:
    1. Ballard Locks (a/k/a the salmon locks);
    2. Kubota Gardens;
    3. Flowers at Pike Place Market;
    4 and 5. Two different views of the Ship Canal from the Ballard Bridge;
    6. The selection at Grand Central Bakery;
    7. The tea selection at the cafe at The Elliott Bay Book Company;
    8. Inopportune: Stage One, a focal installation piece at the Seattle Art Museum; and
    9. The iconic Pike Place Market sign at dusk.

  5. Oh my, the Elliot Bay Book Company! I didn't discover that part of town until much later in my acquaintance with the Emerald City.

  6. @ewenique: Depending on when you discovered it, it might be in different digs. It moved sometime last year (I think).