Friday, June 22, 2012

An Open Letter from Blankets and Squares

My chippy granny squares, donated to Sarah London's efforts
last year after the Australian floods
Dear Denise:

It's been kind of a tough week for us.

First, early in the week, a fellow designer downplayed one of our cousins, the ripple blanket, by indicating that it's only made by crafters with limited stitch skills who "are content to buy their yarn from big box stores." These same limited crafters also only want to make granny squares, according to the commenter - like that was a bad thing.

Then, we were completely devalued and humiliated when that Mr. Hirsch and his sub-par writing abilities decided to call out the Ravelympic's afghan marathon event (among others) as akin to putting down the efforts of U.S. Olympic athletes.

My pinwheelie blanket from a
Lisa Naskrent design
Talk about a denigrating week.

Now I know that both parties have apologized and apologized. But even the apologies sounded hollow and only meant to appease. Clearly these individuals do not quite understand that it's how we make others feel that's so important.

Of course, if there was ever a group of fine finished objects that know how to make a person feel good, it surely would be us. Whether ripple or granny square, knit or crochet, there's nothing like a handmade blanket to wrap someone in warmth. We look great in pretty much any room in the house, take to machine washing like fish to water (assuming we're made from the appropriate fiber) and bloom in the washing/drying process (although that high heat setting can be difficult on us).
George Bailey curled up on my
NYOBE Water Round blanket,
made from blocks exchanged
with other Ravelry crafters

We also provide a great canvas for fiber artists to hone their craft. Motifs are one of the best ways to learn intarsia, practice cables, explore color combinations, even hone finishing skills.

Can there also be any doubt that a blanket given to someone in need is one of the most powerful ways to say you care?

We do all of this while looking great no matter where we're thrown. And then we patiently wait for you to wrap up in us, and that's when we get to perform the best task of all - keeping you warm, from neck to toe. Heck, even cats everywhere know the best place to curl up is in our unfolded heap on the chair or couch.

My Mod-on-Mod Frenchtravaganza
from a Lisa Shobhana Mason design

We're just darn amazing.

We each want to thank you Denise for providing such a great interior that lets us shine, for valuing us by the books you have in your library with our great designs, and for treating us with the respect that all your handmade things deserve. We will always keep you warm and loved.

With all of our fibery beings -

Mod on Mod Frenchtravaganza
Pinwheelie Blanket
Chippy Granny Squares (donated to charity)
NYOBE Water Round Blanket

Your stable of hard-working, handmade blankets and blocks

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Another view of some of the blocks from my NYOBE Water Round
blanket (water-themed because of the color of yarns chosen)


  1. there's nothing like a handmade blanket to wrap someone in warmth.

    Can there also be any doubt that a blanket given to someone in need is one of the most powerful ways to say you care?

    I LOVE those two sentences!
    Your photos are gorgeous.

    I had started to write my words about the whole situation and maybe I'll post them this weekend after I've slept.

  2. Yes, handmade blankets... regardless of skill or pattern or method are by far the best. We have four... one by a step-grandmother, two by my mom and one by my SIL. I cherish all of them.

    It seems, now that the dust has settled that the word "denigrate" really is in their boiler plate C&D... or rather, was in their boiler plate. I'm sure that's been changed by now. The first apology was rude but the second was heartfelt and in my opinion, should be accepted.

    I am unaware of the other subject you mention.

  3. What a beautiful tribute to one of the most versatile item in the fiber world. I have made a few large blankets, it's definitely a commitment and dedication from beginning to end. And I have know knitters and crocheters churned out hundreds of charity blankets through out their lives.

    Love your Mod on Mod!

  4. I applaud your committment in taking the time to complete these wonderful blankets.

  5. Absolutely fabulous! You made me smile and think about how much I've appreciated giving and getting blankets made with love. There's nothing like it.

  6. Lovely blankets and I would pay no mind to unkind comments - you know the value of your work and how much it is appreciated. I Pinned the pink, orange combo one - love it!

  7. For some reason this post is giving me the urge to go and hug all of my FOs...
    It is a really heartwarming (and clever!) aproach to all the drama its been going on this week...

  8. I agree with so much of what your blankets say!
    Well done for helping them find a voice.

  9. Love this - and your blocks too ! :-) x

  10. There is a power and beauty in handmade product especially when it is accepted and loved by a cat.

    Come and share your post with me on Saturday and Sunday everyone can appreciate it.

    With All That I Am
    Carrie "The Handmade Homemaker"

  11. Well said! Those are beautiful photos. I really like your Pinwheelie blanket, a lot!