Friday, October 11, 2013

Tunisian Meets Tartan Bag Progress

Happy late Friday, everyone. We're on the eve of celebrating Columbus here in the U.S. (a very weird holiday indeed these days), so I hope people are about ready to have a long, restful three days off.

I'll have just a few ends to weave in
As for moi, you can see my progress on my Tunisian Meets Tartan Bag.

I am loving all of these colors together. The plum is far more subdued than I expected, and the natural is really stealing all the pop thunder. But that's the way it goes with color, it's all about context.

I thought it might be nice for people to see how the fabric is transformed once the tartan vertical "stripes" are added:

The fabric is just ho-hum with the horizontal stripes, but then the magic happens with the crochet hook and some slip stitching, using the vertical channels of the tunisian crochet fabric as a perfect ruler. I hold the yarn between my index and middle fingers of my left hand underneath the fabric, place the crochet hook in the space between each next successive horizontal row (with the vertical lines, it's actually just like a mini check-box), yarn over the hook and then pull up above the crochet fabric and through my loop on the hook. Because the yarn is taught between my fingers under the fabric, I usually can pull up the yarn without needing to look beneath the fabric's surface.

This has been my mindless crochet project at night, and I should definitely be done with this portion of the bag by early next week.

Have a great weekend everyone, but not before you head over to Wisdom Begins in Wonder and see what everyone else is cooking up this week - and if it's fall where you are, enjoy the colors of the season. I so love autumn!


  1. That's an ingenious way of making tartan! I was studying tartan in weaving the other day ;-)

  2. oooooh, I LOVE the plum popping through. That bag is going to be stunning! I do love the design.

    I'm enjoying all of the autumn colors here too. Taking the kids to a corn maze tomorrow.

  3. Fabulous! Those colours are excellent together.

  4. Gorgeous.I do like purple and green together. :-)

    Fall is here too. I love the change of seasons.