Tuesday, October 11, 2016

We Resume with Day 8 of A La Maison 2 Introductions

I hope everyone in the U.S. had a wonderful Columbus/Indigenous People's day yesterday, and we are all now back to the normal work-week routine.

Not, however, routine for me, since I am still introducing designs from A La Maison 2, and today we have some awesome pillows - a Bevvy of Granny Square Pillow Covers to be exact.

I have not done much with the traditional granny square, despite my love of motifs. The granny square tends to be well represented, so how does one make it fresh? For me, the answer was in the details: buttons, buttons, buttons, outer seams, and a little mixed size play. The results are pillow covers with tons of personality that instantly give my space a pick-me-up. And of course, they are George Bailey-approved.

Get a load of that amazing vintage button!
I found that awesome vintage button during my summer travels around the Pacific Northwest. I could have waited to use it while I searched for some small replacement baubles (you might be able to see there are a few missing at top and center), but I decided I actually like the button exactly as it is - it's got history with its missing pieces and it gives the pillow cover so much personality.

You will find these designs' written patterns in my Ravelry pattern store in just a bit.

What will be revealed tomorrow? Hmmm ...


  1. You know, I was never into the granny square look before I learned to crochet. Now I love it! Probably because people like you have reworked it and designed into it to create such great pieces. The buttons are fantastic and the size of the large one is absolutely necessary :)

    1. Thanks ... and yes, I also love those big buttons. That ginormous pillow feels a little like Alice in Wonderland. :)