Friday, September 11, 2020

It's Finally Here - My New Line of Hand-Dyed Yarns!

My crafty friends, it is finally the day. In the midst of pandemic life, on the anniversary of 9/11, in the face of all the racial inequity, and despite the fact that half of the West seems to literally be on fire, I am saying yes to hope - one glorious color at a time - and am ready to launch my new line of hand painted/dyed yarns!

This really started over the summer with the soft launch of 6 new colorways on two bases for our fourth year of the Progress, Hope, and Happiness collection and MAL (make-a-long for any new readers to this blog and yarny life generally). Those six colorways were well received by both makers and designers, several of which used some of the colorways in their own designs and projects.

Since then, I have been tinkering with colorways, bases, and all manner of combinations to arrive at what you see below and above.

I cannot tell you how thrilled I am to be able to reveal all this gorgeous color. Over these last few months I have learned a lot - not only about color and technique, but also about the bases I want to work with, the materials that are working for me and fit with my ethos and approach, and how these colorways can inspire and transform my own designing life (because you know I ain't giving that up, my making friends). 

Of course, bumps will still be occurring because of the pandemic (a base that I love is currently on deep back order, so I will be going to Plan B in the intervening weeks), and I am still developing a few more new colorways for later in the year - but that is par for the course. All I can do is look at all that color and grin from ear to ear - the sight fills me with so much flippin' joy!

I will have a small collection of designs of my own to reveal next week that will help to launch the Voie de Vie line of yarns - and I am also fairly excited about that, too. 

So, if you'd like to ooh and aah over the 15 colorways in the yarn line so far, or make a wee purchase, head on over to my Big Cartel shop. A word about the online shop: the yarn is organized by colorway, and bases that are currently available for each colorway are listed under each individual color. Big Cartel is a little quirky in that it shows the yarn price for the first base listed (or available) for each colorway. Not all colorways will be on all bases, and all bases are different prices. So, basically, read carefully about each base within each colorway.

Taking my 15 minutes of happy dance fun - those colors are ... like ... so wow!!! Take that, my quarantining friends.

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  1. Yee haw!!! Yippee and hurrah!!

    Wow Denise �� You've knocked it outta the park. Such a lovely riot of colour in the very best way!!!