Monday, January 16, 2023

The True Start To My Year

The Martin Luther King, Jr. weekend is usually the "start" to my year. The first two weeks in January are usually a time of reflection, as well as planning things for the upcoming year - and 2023 has been no different. 

Service has been an animating force in my life - the logo on that bag represented pretty much most of my 2022, including last year's MLK, Jr. service project with my VISTA team. While the logo may have "updated," the goal behind it remains the same - the eradication of poverty in the United States. 

As I have turned to a different type of civilian service, I find it relevant to look back at my previous blog posts on this service weekend. I am amazed at the consistency of purpose and how notions of social justice have animated my personal evolution. My design life is certainly a creative outlet (!), but it has changed in the face of my commitment to treating the environment with more mindfulness. My two moves in the last two years have shown me all that I carry (and it is clear, I have an awesome yarn problem), and how I can walk with a lighter footprint. The increased making of my own wardrobe and home textiles, as well as the re-use and re-imagination of what I already own remains an area of personal growth and change. Of course, I want to do this all well and with my own personal style - good, bad, or indifferent. Good or bad - well, on that I will let others decide, but I am indifferent to outside critics. I remain committed to following my own north star.

So on this long weekend in which everyone is urged to be "on" and not take the day off, serve justice according to your own conscience. For me, I have started a new pullover (using my own design as well my own hand-dyed yarn I have in stash), am communicating with friends, and strengthening my continued commitment to community in all its forms. Building community takes work and commitment in a world of skepticism, deep distrust, and constant motivational questioning. I hope, in the process, I am not misunderstood.

In these times of division, this seems incredibly appropriate.

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