Friday, February 9, 2024

2024 Happiness Make-a-long Designer sub call


Submission Deadline: February 25, 2024

In 2024, our last year of this collection, let before and after guide what we collectively imagine in the now. This concept is not only a reflection of the goals of this collection, but also of my focus in this final year: the 2024 Paris summer Olympic Games! As a matter of history, this will be the third time Paris has hosted the Olympics – 1900 and 1924 being the previous two years.

So, while our current trends lean toward fringe, bows, romantic flowers, and sheer openwork stitches (we are definitely in a very feminine, post-Barbie-movie moment), what might 1900 and 1924 tell us about fashion? How might we update past looks to reflect not only the time we are in now, but perhaps the direction in which we might want to go? Just as recently announced that bits of the Eiffel Tower will be embedded into the medals awarded at the Games, how can we embed the history of both the former Paris-hosted Olympics as well as the collective worldwide goals of this project into our designs?

This year please think (mostly!) quick, fun summer makes – socks, hats as well as other head wear, jewelry (statement necklaces and/or bracelets), flirty neckware, oversized  statement bags and/or small purses with large personality, accessories for shoulders with drape. Stitch patterns with open work/elements are definitely the order of the day; additionally, don’t be afraid of the accessory with a strong, red colorway – a statement piece.

I am looking forward to what each of you conceive!

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