Friday, October 29, 2010

Rustic Elegance

I have been participating in a challenge on Ravelry – craft 10 shawls during the year. I have completed six so far, each crocheted from other designers’ patterns. I am truly thrilled that number seven is my own design. My very first. I am, admittedly, just a little bit proud of it. I might not design another this year for the challenge, but no matter.

One skein of Blue Moon SilkMo in the Cloudy with a Chance of colorway
a portion of one honking skein of 100% Estonian laceweight wool (a gift from a swap - yeah!)
a size M crochet hook 

= my Rustic Elegance Textured Stole!

A back view - it's really warm, and I love the smell of the wool.

The matte bronze-covered buttons continue the rustic feel.
Some #3 Japanese silver-lined gray beads along the upper edge of the  stole
add a touch of elegance, without being out of place.

And, finally, a close-up of the fabric - post stitches and fans.

If someone at the beginning of the year would have told me I would complete 10 shawls, let alone design one of them, I'd have laughed out loud. It happily continues to be an amazingly creative year. 

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