Monday, December 27, 2010

Creative Grab-bag Monday

I received an unexpected gift yesterday. Remember the mobius wrap I crocheted for my Ravelry swap partner? (You can read about it here.) I had asked for a photo of her wearing it, if she was comfortable with that. (I am, oddly enough, notoriously photo-phobic. I would much rather be behind the lens.) I was absolutely thrilled when she obliged and posted a photo on her Ravelry project page. I was even more thrilled when Samira (yes, she does have a name!) allowed me to post one of them here for all to see. 

Doesn’t she look stunning in this wrap, which she’s stylishly doubled around her neck? (I'll be happy to forward any fan email sent to the blog.)

Samira also reports that her new puppy loves it as well. Recipient-tested and puppy approved – what more can a gifty crafter ask for? There is no greater thrill for me than to make a gift and have it well-received. Thanks, Samira, for yet another holiday present.

Finally, I have been spending some recent time with my paint brushes. 2010 is going out with a creative flourish. (Please pardon the less-than-perfect photo. I just stood the painting on my table and snapped so I would have a record of it.)

Coffee Table Chaos
Acrylic on Canvas, 18" x 24"
Sold, 2010


  1. The cowl is great, stich and colour and all! And it looks so good on the recipient :)

    I love the painting too. The title is quite familiar :)

  2. @Heklica: Thanks. I have one more painting to be displayed ... before the end of the year. A little different in tone and color than Coffee Table Chaos. Definitely enjoyed creating both of them!

    @Nicole: Doesn't she look super in it? Gives me the warm and fuzzies - yes, it does.

  3. Love the cowl + the painting!

    Happy New Year!