Friday, April 11, 2014

All Quiet on the Pacific Northwest Front This Friday

Spring continues to unfold beautifully here - with temperatures in the 50s and 60s (farenheit) and plenty of sunshine, the blooms are incredible (taken with cell phone camera several days ago).

My time to enjoy it has been limited because I continue to be in project mode: here's the latest tasty plate of yarn I received that will become a published project:

Love, love, love this color combination. That's Rowan Yarn's Fine Art in the back, and it's a wonderful sockweight blend of merino, mohair and silk. Here's a closer look at this colorway, #303 waxwing:

The color swatch on the Rowan site has a fair amount of lighter green and pink showing, but the actual skeins tell the real story. Cannot wait to dig in.

Additionally, the 5th annual Knit and Crochet Blog Week has just been announced - it will be taking place May 12 - 18th. 

This will be the fourth year that I'll be participating (and if you want to see posts from previous years, just look at the top of my labels cloud at the bottom of the blog and click on anything that has "KCBWDAY" in it). I may just do a leeeeetle personal review; I cannot believe I've been actively blogging for this long. 

You know, that hot air and all.

Now definitely head on over to Andrea at Wisdom Begins in Wonder, where she manages to blog every week. How she juggles work, farm animals, kids, and yarn is beyond me.


  1. What interesting color ways. I dont know if I'll have time to participate in that yearly meme. May is teacher appreciation, Mother's Day, Monterey day trip, community day, my grandmother's la hanau, and graduation.

  2. ooooh, those colors are beautiful! I know, now that Spring is here I'm having a hard time deciding to work outside or produce more fiber arts. Why can't my magic wand get all the chores done so I can enjoy the beauty of the garden when knitting?

  3. I just love crocus.... I should plant some here.

    Every year I think I might participate in Knit and Crochet Blog Week and every year I decide not to due to either due to my schedule or a few of the topics. I will look again this year, and we shall see if I participate. ;-) But I always enjoy reading other people posts. :-)