Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Around a Town #2

This town should be a little more difficult to identify than the one in the first installment. However, I have provided some big clues ... so good luck!


  1. ...I know it....but I can't tell you how I know it until you get some truly honest guesses!

  2. @Nicole: Hmmmm ... very intriguing. :)

  3. Simonstown, South Africa. ahhh, I feel so guilty now!!

  4. Well, everyone - since I'm the dork who needs to come up with a better file naming system (at least if I want to keep a few mysteries!), I'll tell you where each photo was taken in Simonstown, South Africa (top - bottom):

    1. The working Simonstown waterfront in the middle of the main drag of town (and yes, it was actually 2:00 pm);

    2. Still the main drag in town, but a little farther on the ocean end. Note the age of the makes of the vehicles, even though the photo was taken in 2000;

    3. Still right off the main street in town, this is (as I found out later) one of the most-photographed alleys in the country. That was a muslim school dating back to the first half of the 20th century (1939, I think). The child with the backpack was an unexpected gift.

    4. Some of the famous boulders at the nature sanctuary at the edge of town.

    5. In the nature sanctuary, one of only two breeding grounds for this particular type of penguin. They romp around freely on the beach; the humans are corralled onto a walkway for viewing.