Friday, March 4, 2011

Fee-Fi-F.O. Friday

Well … ok … so maybe I haven’t slain giants with this trio of completed projects, but I have learned little, important things. That’s good enough for me. And, just to make the Friday F.O. pot all that much sweeter, two of these projects will benefit charity. Definitely works for me. So here, in no particular order, are this week’s FO entries for your consideration:

1.   Fuzzy Little Luxuries

These shockingly red mittens (which I sneaked here) are a pattern from one of my crafty shelf books, Louisa Harding's Knitting Little Luxuries.
I’ve knit them up with about 42 grams of Drops’s Vivaldi, held double, and a small amount of Louisa Harding’s Thalia for the trim and embroidery. Speaking of embroidery – this was my first embroidery attempt. I am rather proud of this small step for crafty personkind. Just look at the French knots in the middle of the right-hand mitten’s flowers – they’re things of beauty, I tell you! And, I crafted these from my shelf. I love keeping my promises to me.

2.  Tiptoeing Through the Tulips

This scarf is a Kristin Omdahl pattern, designed specifically for Tahki in connection with a Cotton Classic/Classic Lite  
spring promotion (going on right now, for anyone who may be interested). The promotion challenges individuals to craft a scarf using at least 4 colorways from either Tahki Cotton Classic or Classic Lite yarn, and uploading a photo of the finished project. Each project uploaded can be viewed and voted on, and the one receiving the most votes will win a whole lot of Tahki Cotton Classic or Classic Lite yarn. Since I love cotton (!) and color, this seemed a challenge with my name written all over it.

My inspiration? The incredible tulip fields in Skagit County, Washington. There’s a yearly tulip festival every April, and I love attending it. The tulips are great to photograph, great to take home and arrange, and great to paint. I figured a fiber treatment was definitely in order.

I used 10 different colorways (although the two different green colorways representing the tulip stems are used only in the fringe). This scarf is colorful and fun, and makes me want to stamp my foot and have spring be here pronto!

So, now for a little unabashed self-promotion (cause, hey, this is my blog): you can vote for my sweet, colorful scarf here. The best part of all this? For every project entered in the promotion, Tahki will make a donation to fight breast cancer. Very cool.

3.  Granny squares for Crochet-a-Rainbow

My final finished project today is these super-adorable granny squares, made from stash bits, which I sent on Monday to Sarah London's Crochet-a-Rainbow effort. Sarah London is taking all donated granny squares and crafting them into wonderfully beautiful blankets to help the victims of the recent floods in Queensland and Victoria.

Making these was a little like eating potato chips: I couldn’t make just one. Using the traditional granny square pattern, a size G hook, and stopping at five rounds, this was also a super quick project. Added bonus (as if one were needed): they were fun to photograph.

Sarah is accepting squares throughout the entirety of 2011, so if you have any small amounts of worsted weight yarn that you’re looking to put to good use – this might just be the ticket. Go here to read the FAQs, and find contact information if you’d like to get more involved. Sarah is very responsive – and appreciative.

And that wraps up this edition of Fee-Fi-F.O Friday.

I’m off in search of chips and tulips.


  1. You've been busy! :) The mittens are really extraordinary!

  2. Love your photos and love the F.O.s!

  3. @heklica: Yes, I've been busy. Need to get through a few WIPs ... so I can start more. It's a predictable cycle. :)

    @Nicole: Thanks! The scarf has a crochet and a knit version. It might be interesting to make both versions, and see which one you like better. :)

  4. Your Tulip scarf is like a trip to Holland. It's beautiful. I love your embroidery on the mittens too. What a nice touch.

    Thank you for sharing and sorry it took so long to comment. I hope you link up to Fiber Arts Friday again.


  5. Louisa's Knitting Little Luxuries is one of my favorite books...I love that you did her Elsie mitts in red! Adorable!

  6. @wonderwhygal: no problem on the linking - I'm still learning the fiber arts Friday system! And thanks so much for the compliment - I do love tulips (as you can see!).

    @Lisette: I've got Cardigans as well, and there's so many projects I want to make from both. Not. Enough. Time. :)