Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Blogging Excitement

I must admit, I'm completely enjoying my blog at the moment. I've always loved to write, and this has provided me such a wonderful way to combine all of the things that make me happy - writing, textiles, books, painting, design, creativity, photography (oh, and the occassional side trip to cooking land). It's also providing me a vehicle to interact with other creative people. What more can a crafty gal ask for?

Well ... since I've mentioned it ... everyone will be getting a lot more of the above during next week's second annual Knitting and Crochet Blog Week. Yep - seven uninterrupted days of blogging heaven. I am so looking forward to it - my own blogging, as well as reading other crafty blogs. I also admit to having a few neat things up my sleeve for the event, so I do hope everyone will tune in.

Even though I've linked to Eskimimi's blog above, I'm also going to provide the tagging information here. For those who would like to join in the blog reading experience, these tags will provide a quick, easy way for you to search each day to find all of the participating blog entries. 

So, for instance, let's say you want to start searching bright and early next Monday morning. Just open up a Google search screen, plop in Monday's tag (the tag for day 1 of the event), and up should pop all of the blog entries for Monday's topic. Then, start readingIt's that simple.

The participation guidelines have been translated into a few different languages, so this truly will be an international event. Oh yeah. Thanks, Eskimimi! 

Definitely feel free to leave me comments or questions ... and definitely get ready for some good, blog-reading fun come next Monday. See you then (if not before, of course).



  1. I found you through Ravelry. I have read Eskimimi's blog a few times about how to proceed but you have made it so clear!! Thanks. I too am so excited to be doing this... I do believe it may change my life as a blogger/knitter! Erin @ www. knittinginbeantown.blogspot.com

  2. Cool, Erin! I'll look forward to reading your posts next week (assuming you tag your posts :) ). See you then.